Broadway Mainstay & Texas Native Trenton Chandler Keeps It Country

From the Lone Star State to Music City, Trenton Chandler has slid his way into the bright neon lights of the Honky Tonks. As an instrumentalist and singer-songwriter in the thick of the Broadway circle, Chandler has developed a devoted following. His recent album release, “10 Steps From Tootsies,” includes all of his own songs about his personal journeys and life lessons. 

Chandler comes from a small town in Texas, and still claims Texas as home, but moved to Nashville to pursue his dreams of being a country singer-songwriter. He moved to Music City seven years ago with a guitar in his hand, and an itch to write and make beautiful country music. With a large Facebook following from his live videos, Chandler has gained quite the fan base. He can often be found performing on lower Broadway, as well as doing several road shows per year. 

On Chandler’s debut album, you can hear his stories sung with an old country charm, layered with a modern country flare all his own. His songs display many emotions from funny, to heartfelt, to let’s party.  

Music Mecca: You grew up in Texas, which also has a great music scene. What made you want to move to Nashville?

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Trenton Chandler: I love the Texas Scene. Still do. I came to Nashville to write with some of the best writers in the world, and yes there are world class writers in Texas, but I just didn’t know any of them! (laughs)

MM: You recently released your album, “10 Steps From Tootsies,” which contains all of your own music. Where did the inspiration for this album come from?

TC: My music comes from my life- things that happen to me or that I hear about. Maybe an overheard conversation. I am always looking for things that move me. 

MM: While it may be like choosing a favorite child, which song or few songs mean the most to you and why?

TC: “Jesus on a Barstool”. That has a lot of truth to it. I think if Jesus were here today he would be in the bars with the sinners. “Ten Steps From Tootsies” is really moving to me. I wrote that song to describe life as a Broadway musician, dreaming of playing the Ryman. And also to have a song to close out the show when I hopefully get to play there one day.

MM: What’s your favorite thing about Nashville or to do in Nashville other than play music?

TC: I love the live music … I love being downtown in a rocking Honky Tonk bar … other than that you’ll find me at the lake in my kayak.

MM: As a songwriter, what is an ideal setting for you to write a song?

TC: My house drinking my coffee, no commute! (laughs) My favorite place I’ve written a song is on a little island out at the lake.

MM: I have seen that you do a lot of live video coverage and you have quite the following with your Facebook Live videos. How did you go about building up your fan base online?

TC: I just started showing up and being consistent, and being entertainment that people could count on, just like their favorite TV show or something. Other than that just being real and sharing my life.

MM: How would you compare the music scene in Texas to Nashville?

TC: The big difference is TEXAS is a big place. You are always on the road. Here in Nashville, I take an Uber or Lyft downtown and play my favorite bar and go home. 

MM: Among all of the touring you do, are you working on a new single or album as well?

TC: Absolutely! My new single is about growing up in small town in Texas and it’s called “Friends of Mine.”

MM: You have done a lot of shows on Lower Broadway. Do you have a favorite “Broadway story”?

TC: The funniest thing I’ve seen is Stan falling out of the window at Robert’s. 
Look up “drummer falls out of window Nashville. “ (Check it out)

MM: What advice would you give to musicians moving here looking to establish themselves on the Broadway circuit?

TC: Show up early to your gig, and use the best equipment you can afford at the moment. Pay attention to the crowd because you are there to entertain them, and that’s how you make your money. Catch some of the best shows with the best entertainers, steal all you can! (laughs) How they play songs, how they talk to the crowd, and so on. It’s ok, we all steal from each other. (laughs again)

For more info on Trenton and his music, visit his website HERE.

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