Alexandria Corn Delivers Her Own Style To The Pop Country Scene With Latest Release ‘Same Tattoo’

While most 16 year olds were in school studying for a chemistry exam, preparing for homecoming, smoking in back alleys, and so on, Alexandria Corn was in Las Vegas performing with the band “The High Rollers.” Nearly ten years later, she’s since shared her talents in cities all over the country, currently calling Nashville home.

While in Vegas, she met fellow singer and performer Nicole Pryor. She started taking voice lessons from Pryor, and quickly started to develop as a vocalist and performer. After performing in Vegas, she auditioned to be on American Idol and had the honor of receiving the Gold Star. Upon the conclusion of her American Idol tour, she moved to LA to pursue her musical theater talents. While there, she continued singing and songwriting, and decided that was her primary passion.

Recently she made her move to Music City where she continues to work hard on the Nashville pop circuit. In May, she released her newest single, “Same Tattoo,” and has seen very positive reactions. She is back in the studio and currently working on her very first EP to be released later on this year.

Music Mecca: You developed a love for music at an early age growing up in Upstate New York. How did your love of music come to be, and who were some of the artists that shaped your interests?

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Alexandria Corn: Growing up, my parents were always bringing my sister and I to concerts and shows. My parents divorced at a young age, and our hometown classic rock station was always on from morning to night at my mom’s house. My dad lived a little further out of town, so when he picked us up, we had a long drive way out to the country to get to his house. Me and my sister would make him play the band America over and over until we arrived. It’s funny because nowadays, 10 year old kids are growing up listening to Cardi B or Drake. I think always being exposed to real, authentic music as a child shaped my love for music. As I hit my teen years, I started to listen to all sorts of different artists- from bands like Blink 182, to PINK, to Kelly Clarkson to Fergie (Black Eyed Peas).

MM: After you discovered your passion for performing, you started studying with Nicole Pryor. How did you get hooked up with her? 

AC: Yes! As soon as I hit middle school, I really developed a passion for musical theatre. I would travel to NYC periodically to see all the Broadway musicals. Just starting out, I didn’t know how to get involved or what I had to do to try and break into it. I joined choir in school, and then ended up auditioning for our schools Musical Theatre program “MASQUE.” Thats where it really started to fall into place. I started getting lead parts in the musicals, so that really helped me confidence wise- because at 16 you have no idea what you’re doing. I met Nicole Pryor out in Las Vegas, and she had been in many Broadway productions. She started coaching me at a young age, and really challenged my vocal ability. She coached me for many years even across the U.S., and has given me so much advice from the start. We still keep in contact to this day!

MM: At 16 years old, you auditioned for American Idol and received the Gold Star. What was it like going through that process as a young teenager?

AC: Pretty intimidating at first. I was very optimistic about the whole thing. I know I was very young and compared to a lot of other artists- still inexperienced. So I didn’t want to keep my hopes up. But I was so grateful when it happened… and shocked! It was the biggest learning process thus far for me as an individual. I got to travel all over and I became friends with some of the most talented musicians. That feeling of getting the “Golden Ticket” still fuels me even years later. 

MM: You recently released your latest single “Same Tattoo” in May, which has since amassed over 50K Spotify views. Can you give us the story behind that song?

AC: Well, I was struggling with wanting to write a song about my current relationship without having it so cliche. I wanted something raw and real and personal. When I first met my boyfriend, one of the first things that I noticed was the tattoo he had wrapped around his forearm. It was a bunch of stars that faded from red to black. I thought it was the coolest tattoo ever. He’s a touring musician so he is always on the road. I think for the normal person, it’s a difficult type of relationship to be in. But that’s one thing that we knew getting into when we first started dating. So we make it work. Last year for my birthday, he surprised me and took me to a tattoo shop in LA. I got one of his stars tattooed on my right forearm. And I always told myself I would never get a matching tattoo with a boyfriend (haha!) for me- the stars on our arms have many meanings but it really represents us always being together although we may be miles apart. From any distance, we can look up and see the same star in the sky. 

MM: I see that you attended the CMA awards and got in contact with publisher and writer, Jillian Farrah. Together you put out your new hit single, “Say it Again.” What was it like to delve into the Nashville scene after coming from New York and LA? 

AC: My first time in Nashville was attending the CMA awards and like anyone would, I fell in love with it all- the music, the people, the city as a whole. I knew one day I would live here. I met Jillian during CMA Fest. Jillian is an amazing writer and person all around- our first time writing together we wrote “Say It Again” and a few months later, I released it as a single. 

MM: I know you have an interest in theater as well as being a singer-songwriter. What kinds of things have you done/are doing with that aspect of your career? 

AC: I ended up graduating from Ithaca College with a dual degree- one was in Musical Theatre. I’ve been in numerous productions including “Footloose,” “AIDA,” “RENT,” “A Chorus Line,” “Cinderella” just to name a few favorites. When I first moved to LA, I was an actress for a children’s theatre, and to get my foot in the door, I was a hostess at one of the most famous dinner theaters, “The Rockwell.” Since moving to Nashville 8 months ago, I haven’t done much with musical theatre because I’ve been so focused on songwriting and my solo career. But if anyone’s reading this and knows any opportunities in Nashville- I miss it and I’m open to it! 

MM: You have been constantly on the move from a very young age pursuing your career. From New York, to Vegas, to Jersey, to LA and now finally to Nashville. What made you want to make the move to Nashville? 

AC: I was living in LA for a few years, and I started traveling pretty frequently just to record in Nashville and play some shows. It felt more like home to me every time I went to visit. I was genuinely happy and I felt refreshed every time I landed in Nashville. 

MM: You went to Vegas as a teenager to play in the band “The High Rollers.” What was it like to be a teenager performing in Vegas as opposed to a teenager going to basketball or volleyball practice? 

AC: Performing in Vegas is one thing, but actually being exposed to it so young was another. I was pushed to work so hard with the band because there was a thousand others who were older, smarter and better who could take our spot. I had practice every day, and long hours working vocals, and learning different arrangements for the songs. But when you love something- it becomes fun. Our “games” were getting to play live in front of a crowd. The best way I could describe it, would be it was very much like “The School Of Rock.”

MM: Since being in Nashville, would you say your writing has developed a new style with being around songwriters that are from different backgrounds than those in LA and New York? 

AC: I think my writing style is developing more and more everyday. I know I have a certain style that I like to stick to when it comes to writing, and I’m always working with new people who are better than me to expand my abilities. I love working with different writers because you really get to connect and be as vulnerable as possible- with a stranger- and I like that challenge. It can be a scary thing at first. I also do think that you have to find your “group” of writers who you work best with. It takes a while but I’m confident it will all work out. 

MM: What’s your plan for the rest of 2019?

AC: I’m definitely still settling into Nashville but I’m working to release my first ever EP! So writing a lot and getting in the studio again very soon. I’ve been fortunate enough to have joined BMI recently so I’ve been doing some fun events with them. I’m excited to finally get to share my story with some new original music soon! It’ll be available on all platforms and steaming platforms! 

For more on Alex and her music, check out her website HERE.

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