Alt-Pop Rocker DYLYN Releases Gritty Freedom Anthem In New Single ‘Liberate Me’

Throughout her musical journey, Toronto-based singer-songwriter DYLYN has dabbled in many styles of the indie-pop spectrum, from poetic ballads with warm synth-laced instrumentation to fiery alt-rock anthems. Her lyrics tend to tell stories about how she navigates through the peaks and valleys of life, and how she comes out on the other side.

The emerging artist has made a name for herself as a multi-genre artist who integrates her early love of rock and roll with her take on modern pop production, blending organic electric guitar with synth-pop instruments to create her own unique style. 

Her latest single, “Liberate Me”, which dropped earlier this August, reflects her ability to tap into the more distressing themes of her life and desire for liberation.

She emulates these feelings through impassioned lyricism, a heavy in-your-face rock delivery, and fervid musical production. Working alongside producer and lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan Guldemond from indie-rock band Mother Mother, the two incorporate sultry vocals, intrinsic grungy guitar, and a dynamic drumline in their homage to modern rock.

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DYLYN has worked with Guldemond on projects previously like her single “Skin and Bone,” which came out earlier this year, highlighting the synergy they’ve established in their songwriting and production styles. 

“Liberate Me” comes after a trio of successful singles and the debut of her April EP, Bring on the Blues. Currently, DYLYN is joining indie-alt band Rare Americans for a couple of stops on their 2022 North American tour.

If you’re on the hunt for a hard-driving alt-pop/rock sound with fierce vocals, look no further than DYLYN and “Liberate Me.”

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