Denmark Indie Synth-Pop Artist The Forever Now Releases Cinematic New Single ‘Lover’s City’

Denmark-based artist The Forever Now is taking listeners to the heavens with their newest orchestral single, “Lover’s City.”

The new single takes the listener on a dramatic and profound sonic journey, to say the least. The song is relatively steady and chill, but has big builds to give an element of theatrical art-pop. The track features vocals from Danish singer Trine Lyngvig, who melds perfectly with the sounds of lead singer Monty de Luna.

The different vocal and synth elements add exciting layering, giving “Lover’s City” a depth that reaches farther than your typical everyday song. The line, “You can let me go / But please don’t let me fade away,” is pleaded over and over throughout the song, and feels as if an ex-lover is begging to not be forgotten despite the relationship fizzling out. It’s hypnotic and entrancing throughout, acting as a great source to deliver a sense of calm.

Their style is reminiscent of the group Oh Wonder, with tight male and female vocals that allow a satisfying melodic blend.

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The group is led by de Luna, a Canadian and Filipino writer with a love of telling meaningful stories through song. Since beginning their musical journey, The Forever Now has been considered a groundbreaker in music from radio stations across Europe.

The single was released along with two prior releases, “Reciprocals” and “A Spark Becomes a Flame.” All three songs have a similar feel and theme, alluding to a potential album release in the future from the Copenhagen based artist.

You can keep up to date with The Forever Now via their email chain, where they send fans exclusive content such as first listens for original material and never before seen covers among other things.

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