Zoe Zobrist Anticipates Being A Mother In Music Video For New Single ‘Oh Baby’

Indie singer-songwriter Zoe Zobrist is celebrating new life in her most recent single, “Oh Baby.”

Beyond her years at such a young age, Zobrist was learning piano at five years old, then found herself writing songs only two years later. Inspired by the hits of Led Zeppelin albums, she formed her first band at thirteen. Having had a deep admiration for her father’s record collection of the 70s, rock was very much a part of Zobrist’s roots, which carries into her music today. 

From Dallas, Texas, Zobrist has worked to earn her chops, having spent much of her music career touring and singing across America. Performing at iconic music venues including The Troubadour, The Viper Room, Dallas Fort Worth’s Six Flags Amipheather, and Nashville’s famed Exit/In, she has endured a number of lasting experiences. She was even featured in John Mellencamp’s 2021 tour documentary. 

Releasing her own singles and EPs since 2018, she has been on a roll capturing distinct melodies that are easy on the ear, with heartfelt vocals floating above. Paying close attention to detail, it pays off in her precise instrumentation, honest lyrics, and passionate vocals drawing you in from start to finish. 

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Her unique roots style has been described as a captivating combination of gyspy cowgirl meets rock and roll, despite the more tender singer-songwriter approach in her newest track, “Oh Baby.”

The song is a sweet and tender ode to her unborn child, with genuine and deeply human feeling flowing throughout. Relatable on every level, she strikes a chord and tugs on the heartstrings.

The expecting mother sings her most inner inquisitive personal thoughts to her baby, with opening lines of, “Oh baby, I don’t know you yet/But I think we’ll be good friends/Oh baby, are your eyes like mine/When you grow up, what will you find.” Zobrist gives us insight into her story with delicate melodies and intricate guitar. With most of her previous singles more pop-oriented, this sweet ballad leans into an alternative and indie element, and is stripped back acoustically for more of a refined sound. 

Zobrist has a definite knack for songwriting that resonates, and “Oh Baby” best reflects that.

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