Toronto Singer-Songwriter Rosanne Baker Thornley Releases New Single ‘Strong’

A warm, familiar-sounding rock-n-roll tone and meaningful, relatable lyrics are notable qualities of one Rosanne Baker Thornley. The Toronto-based folk-rock artist’s latest single, “Strong”, perfectly puts these qualities on display.

The song is a vulnerable ode to introspection and self-discovery, asking some difficult questions that we may not want to know the answer to. “Strong” asks the questions of how to be strong. It describes the pain and anguish of knowing you should let someone go, but just not being able to: “How do you leave behind what you want/How do you dial it down and turn it off?” She ponders.

The song showcases Thornley’s incredible writing ability, which comes as no surprise given her background as an internationally recognized, award-winning songwriter. Writing for both herself and other artists, Thornley is a natural storyteller and master of prose within her lyrics. She has written for a number of artists and has received a plethora of awards and accolades for her writing abilities.

Emerging on the Canadian music scene some years ago, Thornley established herself as the lead vocalist and principal songwriter for the bands Daystar, Niteskool, and Bakersmith. Building her reputation one show at a time, countless audiences and listeners have found themselves able to connect to her lyrical stories of human nature. This is most evident in her upcoming album, Sorry I’m Late, which is on the near horizon.

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”My inspiration comes from everywhere,” Thornley says. “From experiences and of people both good and bad. From the simplicities that live between the complexities, I have an inherent want to capture those moments and describe them.”

“Strong” is the first single in anticipation of the looming album, and it showcases Thornley’s vocal and lyrical talent in a most glowing light.

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