Zac Young Pays Homage To The Cosmos With Latest EP ‘Play It Loud So The Stars Can Hear’

“I’ve realized recently that everything I’ve been writing has basically been attempted love letters to the moon. For me it’s a celebration reiterating my obsession with the blessing of the mysterious beauty, sensuality, and exoticness the moon provokes. Play It Loud So the Stars Can Hear is by far the most vibrant and energetic project I’ve ever done.”

This is pop-rocker Zac Young, who is discussing the cosmic overarching themes and motifs of his latest EP, Play It Loud So The Stars Can Hear, which dropped in August of last year.

Young takes his audience on an exhilarating and soulful journey with the EP, showcasing his passion and knack for crafting infectious melodies. Released in the midst of a rapidly evolving music landscape, the album delivers a blend of heartfelt lyrics, dynamic instrumentation, and memorable hooks.

From the first track, “All For The Sake Of It All,” Young establishes his unique sonic signature, fusing elements of pop, rock, and indie sensibilities into a cohesive and energetic sound. It’s an anthemic opener that sets the tone for what’s to come. With its soaring chorus and uplifting lyrics, it encourages the audience to live life to the fullest and, when facing a roadblock, to not dwell on it long and to move on.

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Play It Loud So the Stars Can Hear

As the EP progresses, tracks like “Tourniquet Girl” and “Cinderella’s Drunk” continue to captivate with their infectious rhythms and playful melodies. Young’s unique vocals standout throughout the record, showcasing both vulnerability and strength as he navigates the emotional landscapes of each song. 

The record ends with “Ocean (Hello Hello, Hallelujah),” which is a collaboration with singer Brittney Allen. The track deals with the loss of a romantic partner and how that has left his heart bleeding on the floor. In graphic fashion, he feels his guts have been tossed out into the ocean as he prays for a revolution.

Young had a pretty classic story about one of the more memorable moments of the making of the EP, specifically the filming of his music video for “Permanent Echo”: “My dear friend Matt got us access into a swanky club he worked at in downtown Nashville. Not only did we have access, but we had no time limit. We had the venue to ourselves! We stroll into the venue and I get pampered with wild spaceman makeup, Neilson [the videographer] sets up, and we are ready to shoot. We get through one or two takes and notice people awkwardly standing in the corner of the room with flowers and decorations in their hands. Somewhere there was clearly a giant miscommunication, and in fact the venue had been rented for a wedding reception. Of course, the people in the corner are the parents of the groom and they are pissed (especially the mom). To be cliche, the show must go on! We continued shooting and we got the footage we needed in just two more takes—all whilst feeling the palpable and burning glare from a soon-to-be mother-in-law.”

“Permanent Echo”

One of the EP’s strongest aspects is its production quality. The arrangements are rich and vibrant, showcasing a wide array of instrumentation that complements Young’s melodies. Whether it’s the catchy guitar riffs or the pulsating drum beats, each element serves a purpose and contributes to the album’s overall sonic intention. Lyrically, Play It Loud so the Stars Can Hear explores themes of love, self-discovery, and resilience.

Originally from Columbus, Georgia, Young is known for incorporating his vivid lyricism into his unique song structures and also his energetic live performances. Young had formed the dynamic rock/hip-hop band Stereomonster and toured the southeast for the majority of his 20s. He has since called Nashville home over the years, where he released his first solo album, Nocturne for the Nocturnal.  

Young will be performing at The Eighth Room June 29th with Afton Wolfe. About the show, Young told us, “This is not hyperbole, June 29th at The Eighth Room is the most important show I’ve done to date, as it signals the beginning of my rebirth as a performer. I’ve lived in Nashville for five years and this is my first appearance with my full band in this city.”

Tickets can be found here.

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