WATCH: Tommy Goodroad & His Band Hit The Road & Have A Good Time Doing It In New Single ‘Keep ‘Er Moving’

Midwest country charm meets vintage vignettes in the upbeat new music video for Tommy Goodroad’s latest single, “Keep ‘Er Moving.” 

From the opening acoustic notes and into the hard-hitting electric guitar, Goodroad is seen getting into a killer old school Cadillac that would excite any and all car enthusiasts. He then picks up his bandmates – The Highway Birds – one by one, as they’re seen taking a bath, lifting dumbbells by the side of the road, birdwatching, and trunk-chilling (naturally the drummer), and out on the open road they go to let loose and keep the spirit of rock and roll alive.

The video charms viewers with a playful look into the life of beers, bros, and bass drums, as they pinball their way through places like St. Louis, Nashville, Lexington, and much in between. 

Goodroad pokes fun at the truths and hardships of being an independent band on the road, with lines like, “Met a midwestern girl, wants to two-step with the band / I said baby if we put you on the guest list, we won’t get paid.” While he likely wouldn’t mind the company, it’s business first.

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At its core, “Keep ‘Er Moving” is a love song for the art of making music and being on the road making memories with the boys. With a hard-driving cosmic country twang and rootsy instrumentals, Goodroad and co. depict their experience of a modern band cruising the endless highways with high spirits. “In a rusty old van with a couple guitars in the back / But we’re riding through your city like we’re cruising in a Cadillac.”  

The video wraps up with a lively performance from Goodroad and his cohorts for a two-steppin’ good time havin’ audience that loves to let loose just as much as they love their country western honky tonk band. As they graduate from empty dance floors to playing for “the whole damn town,” “Keep ‘Er Moving” is a reminder to do what you love and love what you do. And it’s always more fun with friends.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Goodroad settled down in Chicago for college and quickly fell into step with the rhythm of the city. After personally recording, producing, and releasing his debut album, Swimming in the Clay, in 2021, Goodroad has been playing shows around the country in true cowboy fashion.

“Keep ‘Er Moving” is his first single since wrapping up a Midwestern/Southern USA tour this past year, and it doesn’t seem this modern day honky tonk disciple has any plans of hitting the brakes. 

Note* Paul Howard contributed to this article.

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