VIDEO PREMIERE: Bowling Alley Cougars Lust Over The Thing With Feathers In ‘Everything I’m Missing’

Arcade lights, bowling shoes, and lustful older women set the scene for The Thing With Feathers’ new music video, “Everything I’m Missing.”

Striking from the get go with a riff that sounds like something from the Kings of Leon catalogue, the somewhat tender pop-rock song acts as the soundtrack for what amounts to a charming and comical night out on the local lanes.

Between puffs of a cigarette, the polishing of the bowling balls, and serving Bud Light to the patrons, the band (David Welcsh; vocals, Alex Hendricks; lead guitar and Chris Roussell; drums) play the roles of alley workers who quickly get reeled in by a handful of aging, lascivious women. (otherwise known as cougars)

The fun music video captures all the best fragments of an unexpectedly exciting night. Finding humor in every jumpcut, we follow the bandmates interactions with the women, as they ultimately get down to business: throwing strikes and spares and causing calamity on the slicked pine lanes. 

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Dancible and introspective, “Everything I’m Missing” is pop sensitive, rock centered, and fully rooted in hope. The single is firmly planted in the band’s newly consolidated stormy night rock sound that has amassed the group over 1 million streams on their sophomore single, “Figure it Out.” 

The Thing With Feathers

Musically the indie pop bandmates bounce off each other like best friends or brothers, and it’s clear they live their young and hungry lives to the fullest- which some might call rock and roll.

“Everything I’m Missing” offers a contemplative and self-assessing take regarding balance and letting the good times roll. Welcsh’s cooling vocals hit the mark, bringing home the chorus, “Lately I’m drawn to the constant commotion / I can’t afford to start to settle down / I can’t afford to remember everything I’m missing / And I’m kinda freaking out.” Empowering and understanding, this single paints a picture of spinning out while reminding the listener of all the good that comes with the commotion. 

The band consistently scores strike after strike in the categories of relatable storytelling, entertaining videos (see: “Don’t Break My Heart”), and catchy choruses, and “Everything I’m Missing” is no different.

Co-written with Ben Cramer (more commonly known as Old Sea Brigade), Welcsh states, “The song definitely has a greater sense of nostalgia for us compared to the other tracks on the record in which we were a bit more determined to push the parameters of our genre and create a new modern rock sound.”

“Everything I’m Missing” is the band’s fourth single leading up to their next EP slated for release later this year.

*Note: Paul Howard contributed to this article.

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