Portland Psych Rockers Freaks Of The Sea Explore The Depths Of Sound On New EP ‘Out To Pasture’

Have you ever been to the noise aquarium?

Alt/psych rock band Freaks of the Sea will take you there and back, as you ride the kaleidoscopic waves of their latest release, Out to Pasture

Known for their aquatic ambience, Freaks of the Sea is the brainchild of Christopher Jacques, a musician, producer, and engineer who’s creativity has swam with that of The Shins, Cake, The Dandy Warhols, Slash, and the Cowboy Junkies. 

The track that reeled us in and the opening track of the EP, “Submarine Captain,” invites listeners into the deep blue sea with its psychedelic drones and subterranean sound. Gritty vocals coast along ominous instrumentals, with lyrics like, “Guess I died and came back free / Lost in ambiguity.”

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“Submarine Captain”

Their lush psychedelic sound perfectly captures the oceanic imagery they tease in these lyrics, staying true to their theme. Few things in this world are more ambiguous than the depths of our world’s seas, yet its abundance makes the world go round.  

Freaks of the Sea invite you to dive deeper with them and transform, as the words, “I love to waste my time / Underwater with you / But I must grow some gills / And kill off these dreams of blue,” echo over distorted guitar licks and tight drum grooves. 

These brooding beats persist over the course of this 6-song EP, as they take you down to the ocean floor and up into outer space, all the while driving you home with piercing guitar, sweeping synths, and a sound that pulls you in like a strong current.

Though they claim Portland, Oregon as home, Freaks of the Sea have transcended life on land.

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