VIDEO PREMIERE: Alexander Patsos Gets Primal In A Neon Dimension With Epic Video Single ‘Cosmic Cry’

Nashville-based artist Alexander Patsos wears many hats: musician, actor, producer, and most recently, cosmic warrior in his wild new video single, “Cosmic Cry.” 

“Cosmic Cry,” along with its equally dynamic partner single, “Beautiful Drive,” represents a step into new territory for Patsos, as he continues to expand on his newfound sound. The video is electric – literally – highlighting Patsos’ ability to connect with his audience through gritty rock and roll and vibrant visuals. The video was directed by Dylan Mars Greenberg.

Sparks fly around him as lightning escapes his fingertips in this seemingly fourth dimension as he sings, “Lost souls scream in delight / The lullaby of a distant thunder.” There’s an endearing retro 80s vibe that magnetizes throughout, keeping the viewer wide-eyed and wondering what’s coming next.

Patsos is seen wandering through a Matrix-like neon dreamscape, fending off wolves and dueling with his guitar, sometimes with warrior-like facepaint on, creating an intriguing sensory experience.

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Alexander Patsos

Produced at the heart of the pandemic by Brooklyn based writer/producer Mike Williams (Compusium Studios), Patsos paints himself the hero of our new and confusing modern life. Like a werewolf howling at the moon, he releases “A cosmic cry / In oceans of time,” while guitars shred, and ultimately a badass female emerges into the dimension, as the two’s primal spirits align. It’s something Beavis and Butthead would likely give their nod of approval on from their tattered nacho-stained couch.

Fans of The Ramones, Trent Reznor, The Smashing Pumpkins, and more may find sonic pleasure in Patsos’ creative world. Known for his eclectic sound featuring elements of punk, alt-rock, stoner rock, and more, he brings a fresh and compelling perspective to the garage rock scene, but with hints of that retro rock swagger embedded in music fans across the world.

And if you ever find yourself stranded in a field of lasers, wolves, and psychedelic trees, a cosmic cry may just carry you to safety. 

You can connect with Patsos on his social media @alexanderpatsos, and his latest singles, “Beautiful Drive” and “Cosmic Cry” will be available to stream on all major digital streaming platforms this Friday, February 17th.

Alexander Patsos

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