Soul Man: Drew Dolan Delivers Smooth Groovin’ Blues Banger In New Single ‘I’m Goin’ Back’

Nomadic retro-soul artist Drew Dolan draws on the spirit of the blues and the heart of smooth jazz in his sensual new single, “I’m Goin’ Back.” 

The Chicago-born blues n’ soul singer comes from a unique background as a hitchhiking highway traveler who’s now planted his roots in Los Angeles. His throwback sound echoes yesterday’s past through a foundation rooted in the blues, with storytelling lyrics and soulful vocals that pierce the heart of the listener.

Much like the singer himself, “I’m Goin’ Back” is loaded with a free spirited groovy feeling and soothing soulful originality.

The mellow and sophisticated new single seems to take a life of its own, ebbing and flowing within the interludes before Dolan’s voice grazes the ear with an uninhibited funky swagger. The big band elements of saxophone and jazz keys put the listener in the middle of the music, like a front row seat at a post-modern lounge club.

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“I’m Goin’ Back”

“I’m Goin’ Back” wistfully laments missing an old place and an old flame’s presence, while celebrating in the journey back to her. The traveler’s complex musical musings matched with his warm-bodied vocals tell a story that builds in tension and releases in electricity. 

“I’m going back where the river dries my pain / I’m going back where a woman does the same,” Dolan swoons. 

Dolan delivers the opening lines candidly and drenched in nostalgia. Building around the repetition of “goin’ back,” the music does the same, and builds into an uptempo polyphonic blend of new age jazz and smooth groovin’ blues. 

Pulling attention while drawing and sustaining tension, “I’m Goin’ Back” experiments with a multitude of grooves and tempos weaving together seamlessly in this funkified melting pot of blues and soul. 

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