A Look At UK R&B Pop Songstress Yoji & Her New Single From Her Latest Soulful EP ‘Retro Romance’

“Tears On My Piano,” is the stunning new single from upcoming UK artist Yoji and her brand new EP, Retro Romance.

The release of the single and other recent tracks follows a string of successes for Yoji, some of which include various songwriting awards and frequent airplay on BBC, including Introducing in Suffolk, and follows previous EP releases, OceanGovern SunshineRule, and Life Like Jazz.

With experience performing on various livestreams and even live at the 02 Arena in London for the Electric Soul Festival, Yoji knows how to bring light into anything she does — whether you’re watching her on stage, or streaming her tracks.

As the latest single off of Yoji’s new EP, Retro Romance, “Tears On My Piano,” — a song dedicated to strength and perseverance regardless of the obstacles — it serves just that and a little more.

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“Tears On My Piano” follows the single “Old Fashioned,” a sultry love song full of sophistication: it acts an ode to a romance so suave, filled with whistle notes and sax.

On a track comprised of only piano and Yoji’s sweet vocals and sparkling riffs, “Tears On My Piano,” is timeless pop perfection with touches of jazz. It’s effortlessly beautiful in that you can feel the freedom that radiates from it. With influences from gifted talents like Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder, it doesn’t claim to be anything phony or insincere. 

On top of an endearing chord progression, she sings:“Together we can keep each other strong/ Gotta make our own sunshine/ Dance in the rain/ Together we can heal the pain…” Though the song is packed with plenty of vivid, stand-out lines like, “Still tryna’ understand it all/ Sinking chords fill the ocean as I fill the blues from an unwanted truth…”

The song shows the poppier side to the R&B songstress, providing a melody that was born for radio, and destined to be stuck in your head. More than anything, though, “Tears On My Piano” shines in a way that perfectly encapsulates Yoji’s natural, raw talent.  

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