Band Of Brothers: Nashville Indie-Folk & Americana Duo Airpark Release Newest Single ‘Quiet Type’ Featuring Valley Queen

While it seems the “family band” dynamic has become somewhat rare these days, brothers Ben and Michael Ford, Jr. have proven that the popular 70s trend can still be a successful formula in the music industry today.

The duo formed the band Airpark in 2017, a group that takes an acoustic and atmospheric approach towards indie rock. The brothers now live in Nashville, where they’ve also created a state-of-the-art performance and rehearsal hall located in Berry Hill. Eugenia Hall was founded by the Ford brothers in 2017, and the facility serves as a recording studio for their previous releases. No sibling rivalry here! 

After the massive success of “Devotion” in 2018 (the single accumulated two million streams on Spotify alone), Airpark is back for more. Recently, they teamed up with veteran indie rockers and former tour-mates St. Lucia to release “D Y W” back in December. The song is a more upbeat release from Airpark, climatically building up to a final chorus with an energetic and rhythmic finale. 

Most notably, Airpark is anticipating the release of their EP, Quiet Type: An Intimate Collection of New & Old on February 26th. They claim the EP is meant to feel, “calming and communal in a time of uneasiness”, with a collection of previous Airpark releases and newer songs as well. 

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In promotion of the EP, Airpark has collaborated with Los Angeles-based band Valley Queen to release the single “Quiet Type” on January 29th. The band has stated they’re eager to collaborate with more female artists on their upcoming EP, and the collaboration with the female lead vocalist of Valley Queen on “Quiet Type” has proven that their excitement is not in vain.

The vocals blend seamlessly to form an Americana-inspired duet, while the steel guitar and flute performances show the group moving in a more folk-inspired direction. Despite the new creative inspiration, the single maintains the same spatial acoustic quality old fans are familiar with from Airpark. “Quiet Type” shows that the brothers are capable of moving in new musical directions, and keeping a consistent sound throughout their discography. 

“Quiet Type” is out on all streaming platforms, and the Ford brothers’ rehearsal hall, Eugenia Hall, is available for single day or multi-day rentals. 

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