Traditional Country Songstress Kristina Murray Delivers Honky Tonk Heartbreak On Two New Singles

Good things truly do come in pairs.

Nashville country singer-songwriter, Kristina Murray, proves this sentiment with the release of her two new singles, “I’m Gonna Hurt Him On The Radio” and “That Just About Does It”, the latter of which features Logan Ledger. Although beautifully constructed songs on their own – also cover songs – together we see a unique picture of a love turned sour. 

“I’m Gonna Hurt Her On The Radio” was originally recorded by David Allan Coe on his 1985 album, Unchained, and a few years later, Charley Pride would go on to cover it, but add his own twist, making it “I’m Gonna Love Her On The Radio.” And 30-some years later, Murray is further adding her endearing twist on it.

“I’m Gonna Hurt Him On The Radio” dropped this past April, and Murray does a stellar job reviving a lesser known traditional country classic. With lyrics like, “Take these pieces of this broken heart / I’ll watch them climb the country music charts / He’s going to pay me back in royalties / For bringing me down to my knees,” the fun tongue-in-cheek tune is a great one to put on repeat.

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Murray’s latest single, or B-Side to the previous, “That Just About Does It,” tells the story of both parties in a relationship knowing that the end is nigh, and realizing it’s time to pack it up and pack it in. Murray and Ledger sing a call and response duet, where she starts with, “It’s time we realize this time it’s over”, in which he responds, “It’s tearing us apart to stay together.” Although painful for both, the writing is on the wall in this sticky Vern Gosdin tune.

Raised in a blue-collar area of Atlanta, Murray understands the importance of working hard to make a living. Her work ethic and passion is a defining reason she has performed at the Grand Ole Opry, earned an Ameripolitan Award nomination, and has earned her keep as a “hidden” gem in the traditional country music scene.

Individually, both of these songs deliver a clear message, but when put together, we see the clearer picture about where her head has been these past few months, as well as where her influences lie. If tried and true traditional country music is your bag, be sure to keep Kristina Murray on your radar.

Note* Paul Howard contributed to this article.

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