Indie Rockers Katy Guillen & The Drive Shift Gears In New Video Single ‘Set In Stone’

Currently gearing up to play venues and festivals like Summerfest across the Midwest, indie-rock group Katy Guillen & The Drive are coming off the success of their newest single, “Set In Stone.”

Consisting of singer-songwriter Katy Guillen and drummer Stephanie Williams, the duo has been working for years on establishing their guitar driven indie-rock style, and evolving from their previous sound as Katy Guillen & the Girls.​​ 

Their 2020 single, “No Control,” was their first demonstration of the raw, voltaic energy that sets their sound apart from their previous work, largely in part through Guillen’s husky vocals over hard hitting drums and riffing guitar.

During the lockdown in 2020, the band put out their EP, Dream Girl, and they’ve since worked to develop and hone their new indie-rock sound. They grew familiar with domestic production while creating demos that they would later bring to Kevin Ratterman. With Ratterman’s help, they created their 2021 EP, Battles, and continued to work with him in the creation of their upcoming album Another One Gained, which should see the light of day this fall.

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Their June 6th single, “Set In Stone,” continues to display their strong indie rock sound, featuring sensual vocals on top of a wistful electric guitar riff. With lyrics like, “I want to be set in stone again,” and “Take the time to remember when,” Guillen’s songwriting arrests the listener with a story of desire for passionate love. The repetition of the lyrics, “I’m listening,” in the chorus and the tasteful guitar solo towards the end of the song adds an extra layer of tension and longing that simple words cannot express.

With Guillen’s smoky voice and the combination of magnetic electric sounds in the band, it’s just about “set in stone” that their catchy new rock bop will be on your summer playlist. 

Photo by Todd Zimmer

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