Theatric Synth-Pop Rockers First In Flight Set To Release Their Anticipated New Track ‘Simulation’

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If Metallica and Panic! At the Disco got into a bloodied and battered bar fight, the result might be what First in Flight sounds like in their upcoming single, “Simulation,” set to be released September 3rd. 

Creating a sense of 80’s dance-rock with electric hooks, the band has clear inspirations that have led to them attaining their distinct sound. Despite the many guitar shreds, they set a high bar on how to balance heavy rock sounds with plenty of palatable melodies, making the instruments and vocals cohesive, and this is evident in the new track.

From a small California suburb, two metal performers and two jazz players were looking for growth and change — in a nutshell, that’s how First in Flight came about. The band consists of Pat McCloskey (keys, vocals), Richard Mier (guitar), David Topete (bass), and Max Huss (drums, sampling).

Mier and Topete started as best friends with a dream, so they were in search of a drummer and keys to fulfill such a dream. Huss being described as a “child prodigy,” the two friends decided they had to take him on bringing an assured brilliance to the group. With McCloskey being the last added band member moving from the Windy City, their sound was finally complete. 

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Today, the quartet has put in the time to see their dreams start to come to fruition. According to Spotify, the band is making significant progress with 1.1 million streams, over 200K listeners, and have been added to more than 23K playlists. Not to mention over 340K followers on Tiktok in just under three months.

Now numbers aren’t everything, as they’re not always a true indicator of a genuine and talented artist, but something seems to be going right for these guys, and it looks good on paper. (or screens)

Described as “the sweetness of cotton candy in the middle of a mosh pit”, the band has created their version of an 80’s pop-rock sound with the goal of empowering you to face your fears.

“Simulation” certainly fulfills their mission statement and allows listeners to escape from start to finish. Within the first 15 seconds, you get a feel for the driving beat, and the overall atmosphere of their sound almost instantly. They do a great job of immediately getting to the message, delivering thrilling instrumentation, and instantly iconic guitar solos.

With lyrics like, “Help me, help me, we got a situation stuck in simulation… I wanna get out,” along with satiating electronic instrumentation, the song inspires you to crave change- and maybe even have a dance party. Constantly layering new harmonies and adding new compelling sounds, this single will surely be their next big boost in numbers and streams. 

Continually innovating in their music and career, the group is under new management after releasing their EP, Dalliance, and biggest hit, “It’s Cool,” reaching nearly a million streams. Currently, they’ve teamed up with a Platinum producer for their upcoming tracks for the year. Since their establishment, they have been aired on the Kevin Klein Live Morning Show and ALT105.3 Radio, all while touring through the West Coast performing with acts such as Vinyl Theatre, MILKK, and AllDay. 

There’s no doubt First In Flight is making waves within their respective genre, and we look forward to seeing what’s next. 

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