A Look At Alt-Southern Rock Songwriter Dusty Bo & His Latest Release From His Upcoming Concept Album ‘The Vulture And The Fox’

Now that the second major portion of Dusty Bo’s upcoming debut album The Vulture and the Fox has dropped, eager fans can finally get a glimpse of the full picture for this exciting new concept record.

In 2020, Bo released Vulture, a four-song EP that will serve as the first half of his debut album. And with the release of Fox, the end of this slow-burn is now in sight.

Bo hails from Kentucky, and cut his teeth in the mean streets of Los Angeles for a time in search of an audience for his passionate southern roots rock music. He has demonstrated considerable versatility within his genre throughout his steady stream of releases over the last two years, with Vulture exhibiting his tough side and hard rock stylings, and Fox serving as an inside scoop to his more tender and sensitive songwriter side.

Fox features Bo’s vocal prowess that soars over a palate of acoustic and electric guitar parts. The first song in this EP, “Words Don’t Mean Much,” contains simply his vocals and a few guitars, but the nuances he expresses using dynamics makes the song sound rich and full. As this mellow tune is the first track in the EP, it feels both heartfelt and fresh, as it adds another dimension to Bo’s creative catalogue.

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“The Red,” which was previously released as a single, follows as another emotional song that builds immensely throughout the track. The dynamics in his guitar playing, from acoustic and light electric guitar to overdriven tones, is again a standout component of this hard-hitting tune. A major highlight is the combination of Bo’s lead playing and vocals as the song rises to a climax.

The final song in Fox is “All I Can Dream,” a stripped down tune that brings the brief EP to a close in a way that returns to the mood that “Words Don’t Mean Much” sets at the beginning. Fox will eventually be part of a longer album, but these three songs as a self-contained work demonstrates Bo’s understanding of the relationship between each individual song in addition to how they will all come together in the end.

Fox is not only a milestone on Dusty Bo’s path to releasing The Vulture and the Fox but also in his career, as it helped him secure a publishing deal with In The Groove Music. The road is bright for this versatile songsmith, so be sure to check out his upcoming album as well as his calendar for potential upcoming show dates.

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