Swedish Pop-Rock Star & Vocal Powerhouse Chris Kläfford Releases Soulful New Single ‘Buried’

It’s rare that we hear much about Swedish artists here in America.

Sure you’ve got artists like ABBA and Avicii who have made seismic waves that have shaken the ground for modern music, but you’d be hard-pressed to find much else making its way to us. But now, Chris Kläfford is one such Scandinavian artist adding his name to the list, becoming a favorite in the pop-rock songwriter space across the world.

Born in Ramsberg, Sweden, Kläfford began his musical journey from a very early age. He picked up the guitar when he was nine years old, and never looked back.

For ten years he cut his teeth at gigs all across Sweden, slowly building his talent as a songwriter and performer. Then in 2017, Kläfford hit a career high point with his win on Swedish Idol. Capitalizing on his success just a week after, he released his debut EP, Treading Water.

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Roughly two years after, he would fly across the pond to perform on American Idol and later America’s Got Talent. He was instantly a fan favorite, with his cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” garnering a whopping 8 million views on YouTube. All of this momentum led to three Top 5 singles on national radio in a year and over 35 million streams. His relentless musical stamina hasn’t waned, as Kläfford has released ten more singles and two more EPs since 2017.

His newest single, “Buried,” – which was released on January 14th of this year – showcases the growth and consistency he’s displayed throughout his entire career. The song has already gained 114,00 listens and garnered praise from fans and critics alike.

“Buried” is absolutely thunderous in its production and in his signature Chris Stapleton-esque vocal delivery. The distorted bass and booming drums swallow you in from the jump, like you yourself are getting buried in his soulful sound. Kläfford’s smokey voice gives the song a bluesy and honest feel, one you could only find in the most revered southern dive bars.

The lyrics in the build-up to the first chorus are poignant and highly relatable with the lines, “Why do I always remember / All the places we’ve been / ‘Cause I just need forget you / The best I’ve ever seen / That’s why you’re buried down,” showing how vengeful and painstakingly difficult relationships can truly be.    

“Buried” is a fantastic start to 2022 for Chris Kläfford, and he is proof we may need to be paying more attention to the talented artists coming out of Sweden.

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