Swedish Indie Folk Duo The Dimpker Brothers Release New Single ‘You’re Never Gonna Die’

Hanging from the same branch, Swedish indie folk group The Dimpker Brothers are sure to make their family tree proud.

On May 13th, the brothers released their new single, “You’re Never Gonna Die”, bringing their Nordic roots and influences to their music.

Martin and Adam Dimpker were drawn to music at a young age, and before long, the two started writing songs together. Between sharing the same passion and multi-instrument talent, the two began to realize the potential they had, as they began to make a name for themselves within their scene.

Sharing a familial bond, the brothers followed their passion and released their debut single, “Days of Wonder,” in 2018. Coming from Sweden, the brothers have spent the past few years touring Europe as well as Canada developing their live shows.

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The mellow, atmospheric feel of their new single, “You’re Never Gonna Die,” captures the talent and essence of both brothers. The emotional rawness in their lyrics and vocal delivery is palpable, and their brotherly dynamic is something special.

They balance both harmonizing vocals and pairing of electric and acoustic guitar, creating a minimalist yet endearing indie sound. Keeping true to their heritage, the brothers incorporate traditional Scandinavian harmonies and sounds blended with Americana and folk.

Released as a single from their upcoming album, Deathless, these brothers would make anyone believe that talent is genetic.

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