Los Angeles Pop Singer-Songwriter Amy Cohen To Release Acoustic Version Of Single, ‘On Your Side’

Amy Cohen is a Los Angeles-based pop singer-songwriter on the cusp of releasing an acoustic version of her previously released single, “On Your Side”. Cohen focuses heavy on her songwriting, as opposed to the cheap, digitized instrumental accompaniment often entwined in pop music today. She harnesses a compelling, captivating voice, and is working hard towards achieving her musical ambitions.

For our latest Sneak Peek, we get an inside look at Cohen’s new, acoustic version of the song, and per usual, some other fun tidbits about the artist herself.

Who: Amy Cohen

What: “On Your Side” – Acoustic

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Where: Los Angeles, CA

When: Friday November 15th

About The Release: This song is about strength in forgiveness. It’s about having compassion, being understanding, and encouraging someone to just be human. I love the acoustic version of this song because the lyrics are really intimate and honest, and I actually wrote it intending for an acoustic style of production.

What’s Next: Getting back in the studio soon! I haven’t stopped writing and I’m excited to share.

If I Could Collaborate With Anybody, It’d Be: Coldplay!

Favorite Part About Living In LA: The sunshine.

My Three Records on a Desert Island: Anti – Rihanna, Blonde – Frank Ocean, Golden Hour – Kasey Musgraves

Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga: Gaga’s voice is unmatched but I’d personally have to say Taylor. That girl can write a song!

First Vacation When I Hit The Big Time: The Amalfi Coast.

Something People Don’t Know About Me: I was an all-star lacrosse player!

I Define Musical Success As: Hearing a crowd of people sing my lyrics back to me on stage.

Closing Words: Thanks for having me and I hope you enjoy the music!

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