Sneak Peek: Lola Kristine Set To Deliver ‘Chapter Two: When Things Fall Apart’ From Five Part EP Series

With her second installment in her EP series slated for release this Friday November 10th, Lola Kristine explores heartbreak and healing.

Titled chapter two: when things fall apart, the Laguna Beach pop singer-songwriter is set to release a total of five chapters, leading to a full-length album called Chapters. In this second installment, Kristine explores the depths of relationships and the roller coaster of emotions that comes with, allowing the listener to join her in a fervent search for closure. 

Known as “the little girl with the big voice,” Kristine has previously released two full albums, From Darkness to Light (2020) and Willow and the Wave (2022). The first installment of her EP series, chapter one: rose-colored glasses, released in September, marking the lengthy journey with “California Cowboy” and “You and Me,” two songs about ignoring red flags and leading with blind hope and love. This new chapter is a far cry from those themes, bringing in the songwriter’s experiences in coping with the harsh reality of a relationship gone sour.

“You and Me”

“Just Friends” acts as a punchy beginning to the provoking EP. The song, jazzy in its soft plea to reignite an old spark, showcases Kristine’s strength in both singing and lyrical storytelling. Her smooth honeyed vocals highlight the imagery-laden lyricism as she sings, “I put my cards out on the table and you folded your hand.” 

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A beautiful portrayal of true heartbreak can be found in “Sheets,” a painful yet powerful song where she explores the denial we all feel after a heart-wrenching breakup. Her voice evokes such raw emotion, calling out to an old lover as she reflects on lost hope, singing, “Holding onto a fantasy that you’ll marry me by the sea.” 

“California Cowboy”

Kristine practices total acceptance in “Wish You Love,” as she begins her process of moving on in the heaven-sent piano ballad. She sings, “I won’t hold your words against you / I will wish you well,” cleansing herself of the tears and heartache bravely portrayed in the EP. This song is not only a well-placed end to this chapter, but a seamless bridge into whatever will come of chapter three. 

Chapter two: when things fall apart is a splendid continuation of the honest songwriting Kristine is making herself known for, calling in denial, pleading, and acceptance all in one project. Alongside her music releases, Kristine has some scheduled performances through the end of the year in the Laguna Beach area.

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