New Release Roundup: Fake Shape, LTtheMonk, Carleton Stone, & Kodiak Arcade

Fake Shape

Indie Rock, Experimental Rock

“Black Bear”

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, genre-bending experimental rock band, Fake Shape, brings a frenetic Radiohead-like liveliness with their latest single, “Black Bear.”

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Composed of Chester Edington (guitar, vocals), David Baldrey (keyboard, synthesizer, flugelhorn), Olivia Brown (bass, vocals), and Mackenzie Read (drums), the eclectic quartet’s unique sound settles in between a melange of influences: a little indie rock, a dose of art rock, some jazzy undertones, and even a little twang in the vocals, making for a sound all their own.

“Black Bear” is one of band’s favorite songs to play live, so in the studio version, they sought to capture that same intensity and energy. There’s a Thom Yorke quality to the vocals, and the driving drums make a definite statement. The fuzzed-out breakdown around 1:28 shows their versatility, and they shine instrumentally and structurally throughout.

“Black Bear”


Hip-Hop, Retro Soul


Picture Gene Kelly-meets-James Brown footwork and immaculate sport socks. Now add an eclectic and cultured musical background with a knack for entertaining, and you’ve got London-born hip hop songwriter LTtheMonk. The dancer, songwriter, and composer has crafted his own energetic blend of retro soul, hip-hop, and pop. 

From his new album, Uptown Intern #333, the nostalgic track “Reminder” is inspired by that indelible first crush – the one you just can’t shake no matter how many years pass. The one that got away, if you will. That first love is a connection to childhood, a reminder to maintain that pure and hopeful disposition. It is this sentiment through a badass retro synth-soul groove, with his seamless and effortless rhyming throughout.

Uptown Intern #333

Carleton Stone



Award-winning songwriter Carleton Stone’s musical success is largely due to his beautifully crafted songwriting abilities, a talent which he has lent to various artists such as Donovan Woods, Bobby Bazini, Neon Dreams, and Matt Anderson.

A founding member of Port Cities, the Nova Scotia artist’s music career also includes three solo records, international touring, and several production credits. His latest single, “Fences,” is a heartfelt anthem for romantics who have yet to give up hope on a fractured relationship. Melding tender piano with pulsing synth, the melody builds with the telling of the story, offering a shred of hope for those hurt by love.

As it often does, his lyrical storytelling keeps the listeners ears perked, coupled with magnetic instrumental pop production. 


Kodiak Arcade

Electronic, Pop

“Another Summer”

With extensive experience working on more than 40 TV shows and contributions in over 1,000 episodes of television, the past 15 years have held a lot of promise for Graeme Cornies.

One of his most recent endeavors, Kodiak Arcade, has become an avenue for Cornies’ to explore the world of electronic-pop music. Visually, the artist has dipped his hand into the practice of human-AI co-creation with his imaginative animation. Begging the age-old question of whether a relationship can last beyond the initial stages of attraction, his latest release, “Another Summer,” dives into that uncertain place. The production is top tier, and the visuals in the lyric video illuminate the song to be that much brighter and resonating.

“Another Summer”

Featured Photo: Fake Shape

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