Saskatchewan Indie Folk Songwriter Marissa Burwell Touches On Self-Acceptance & Resilience In New Single ‘Take A Load Off’

Hailing from the heart of Saskatchewan is emerging indie-folk act Marissa Burwell.

Best known for her endearing, captivating performances, Burwell got her start with the release of her 2019 self-titled debut EP. Since then, the 22-year-old has culminated a following that has allowed her to perform at multiple local and international festivals, fully realizing her status as an artist. Now, she needs to decompress and focus on her well-being.

Her latest single, “Take A Load Off” (Nov 3) is a beautifully intimate letter to herself. 

“This is the only song I have ever written that has been addressed to myself,” Burwell says about the track. “I am truly seeing myself and the life I have lived, admitting out loud that I want to be seen even though it is hard to let someone see you completely. It’s about resilience and accepting who I am in this moment.”

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Vocally reminiscent of Colbie Callat and Ingrid Michaelsen, “Take A Load Off” is steady, easygoing, and perfectly fits the coffeehouse acoustic vibe that Burwell is known for.

On this song as well as her others, Burwell collaborates with peers Nolan Grad (guitar), Madison Nicol (bass), and Chris Dimas (drums). These three work with Burwell’s delicate vocals to create a warm, fuzzy atmosphere that wraps the listener in an encouraging embrace. The very same embrace, perhaps, that Burwell is trying to give herself with her uplifting lyrics.

“Take A Load Off” is the leading single off Burwell’s upcoming full-length debut, Bittersweet, which is slated for January 2022, and an accompanying music video is set to premiere this Friday November 12th. 

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