Indie Dream-Pop Songstress Llore Releases Atmospheric New Single ‘Favorite Book’

Nashville folk songstress reborn an indie pop daydreamer, otherwise known as Llore, is pushing limits in her new single, “Favorite Book,” which released last Friday, November 5th. 

Creating an essence of nature musically and lyrically, the single explores disparate sounds of her voice along with distinct sound experiments. Llore takes listeners into her own atmosphere with sounds of birds chirping, riveting synth pads, groovy electric guitar, and more, enhancing the song to another level. With just the right combination of synthetic and real instruments along with various melodies and harmonies, she transcends the limits by building captivating tones. 

Not only does she tell stories through music, but also in her songwriting process. With lyrics like, “The things you say and do melt me into a puddle for you,” she not only gives you insight on her narrative, but also connects it to elements of nature that are used in the instrumentation throughout the course of the song. 

Originally from a rural town in Pennsylvania, Llore traveled and lived from city to city. Living in a variety of places, she experienced lots of heartache and joy, which naturally made an impact on her art. Now a Nashville resident, she met her co-producer, Tommy Carnes, who she collaborated with on her single with more upcoming music in the works. 

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Inspired by her lifetime of daydreaming and storytelling, she puts a magical and ethereal spin on her music. Honing her craft and incorporating elements of healing and nature has aided her connection with her true self along with the connection she shares with her listeners. Having an artistry described as though you’re entering a portal of other worlds, her influences of fantasy novels, sentimental ballads, Joan Baez, and FKA twigs to name a few are evident. 

Dreams about exploration, what the world has to offer, and letting go is exactly what Llore’s debut single encompasses, and this seems to just be the beginning for this captivating folk-pop songstress.

Photo by Angela Mignanelli

Featured photo by Kate Cauthen

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