Album Review: A Look At Nashville Modern Country Rockers The Southern Gothic & Their New EP ‘Burnin’ Moonlight’

On Friday December 4th, Nashville modern country-rock outfit The Southern Gothic released their brand new EP, Burnin’ Moonlight, and we are definitely here for it.

However you choose to listen to it, chronologically or spontaneously on your playlists, every track on the EP covers a raw perspective on the different phases of a relationship. Whether it be the wholesome beginnings, the honeymoon phase, or even the bitter end, Burnin’ Moonlight ignites all the feels. 

Whether you’ve experienced these things or not, every track takes you to a new place full of feeling. Here’s a quick breakdown of each song on the new EP.

“Villain” “Villain” is Burnin’ Moonlight’s sultry, mysterious introduction. You wouldn’t know it by its title, but the song is a courteous confessional. It’s a song about wanting the best for a certain someone– even if it’s not with you. Brought out majorly in the chorus, “If it takes me losing so you can end up winning/ If you need someone to take the blame/Girl, I’ll be your villain,” “Villain” goes against the grain of a superficial love.

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“Past Midnight” “Past Midnight,” the song giving the EP its name from a line in its exhilarating chorus, paints a picture of the perfect night. “Your lips fit real good against my lips, it’s like we’re on our own island and I could spend my whole life loving you Past Midnight.” This line at the end of every chorus echoes on top of the song’s musical climax; the perfect payoff after all the build-up from the steady rolling drums in the verses. With clear-as-day imagery and intricate, exciting production, it’s the perfect song to follow up after the mystery of “Villain.”

“Ain’t Gonna Lie” “Ain’t Gonna Lie” encapsulates a relationship that teeters on the line between an innocent new relationship and something serious– this is the wholesome buildup before the confessional that’s going to change it all. Upon first listening to the chorus, “I ain’t gonna lie, the way you look tonight/Makes it kinda hard to take it slow/And girl I’m gonna try to keep myself together/Cuz I’m not sure if you’re ready to know,” the butterflies are in your stomach like it’s happening to you in real-time. 

“Up on Your Love” “Up on Your Love” captures the beauty of casual love. It’s waking up together in sweatpants with hair all over the place and no makeup. At this point in the relationship in the song, the attraction is serious– whether they’re dressed up or dressed down. “I can’t get enough of waking up on your love,” lead singer Connor Christian proclaims.

“Classic” “Classic” is the sweet ode to a timeless love. Following previous tracks, “Past Midnight” and “Ain’t Gonna Lie,” it’s fun to think about how this could be the satisfying conclusion to the stories they tell. “Classic” is the sweetest country first dance song at a wedding. 

“Gravity” “Gravity”– the conclusion to Burnin’ Moonlight— is an unexpected twist. It’s about “spreading your wings,” in a relationship, but in opposite directions. Less warm and fuzzy, “Gravity” is about standing your ground and knowing you’re worth more than constantly being someone’s strong and stable.

All in all, Burnin’ Moonlight scratches that itch for the modern country-rock music lover. The album is now available on all streaming platforms.

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