Record Rundown: Dublin Singer-Songwriter Jeckel Music Releases New Album ‘Rewilding’

With his debut album Rewilding, Ireland’s Jeckel Music finds himself in almost-painful introspection through an ambient soft rock-oriented sound.

Recorded partly through the pandemic by Greg Bieck in Nashville at Drive By Studios, the album captures parts of the city’s renowned sound as well as Jeckel Music’s Mother Land influences. 

On the opening track, “Floating,” gritty guitars match the timbre of Jeckel Music’s voice. It’s a down and dirty rock song bound to appeal to those craving no-frills rock music. “In The Light” is a dreamlike ballad utilizing an incredible reverb-laden instrumental that creates an ethereal vibe. Jeckel Music’s vulnerable side shines brightly with this track.

In the vein of great introspective qualities inherent to Ireland’s many talents including Van Morrison, “On Reflection” is a deep dive into the process of looking within- something that Jeckel Music excels at. “Into The Darkness” utilizes a harmony-backed chorus to nail home the angst present in Jeckel Music’s cutting lyrics and theme of sinking low. With a theme of unity in a time of much polarization, the appropriately titled “Unite” is a song coming from the heart of Jeckel Music, with an earnest message inside a powerful slow rock ballad.

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While making your way through the album, it’s easy to hear the influences from bands like Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, U2, and The Black Crowes. Jeckel Music is described as an “artist desperately seeking truth and understanding…” The earnest and simple approach to songwriting is refreshing in this era of commercial gloss. 

Regarding the album, Jeckel Music said, “I used this metaphor of ‘rewilding’ to illuminate the need for humanity to let loose the collective underlying subconscious feelings that keep us prisoners in our old lives. Not to be scared of opening Pandora’s box, rather seed the world with the reality that we’re human beings, not human doings, as the Dalai Lama famously said.”

Rewilding is a solid debut full of vulnerable vocals of honest introspection and cutting rock-backing tracks. The record is best suited for contemporary soft rock fans that don’t want much edge or spontaneity to their music. It’s for those who prefer the predictability and comfort of a radio-friendly jam on the likes of 101.5 The Lake. Fans of acts like Bon Jovi or maybe U2 should be able to get on board with Rewilding.

The artist known as Jeckel Music manages to capture a bounty of feelings and moods within his sound throughout the record, and we’ll be curious to see if he brings his music to our shores anytime soon.

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