Former New York Trial Attorney Turned Roots Songsmith Bill Scorzari Laments Cruel Love In ‘The Broken Heart Side Of The Road’

From New York Trial Attorney to full-time musician, Bill Scorzari makes the seemingly 180-degree transition to a new life look natural. 

The captivating folk n’ roots songwriter recently released his latest track, “The Broken Heart Side of the Road”, which is his second single from his forthcoming album, The Crosswinds of Kansas, set to drop later this month. 

In “The Broken Heart Side of the Road,” Scorzari recounts a hard tale of the destruction of a relationship at the hands of a wicked woman, and it’s carried by a percussive roots groove. With the resonating acoustic guitar strums and banjo lines prominent in the mix, along with a goosebump-inducing fiddle, the whole package resonates with deep down-home fervor.

This track as well as his upcoming album was largely recorded at his home studio – First Thunder – in Huntington, New York, in late 2020. When it finally seemed safe to collaborate in person with co-producers and instrumentalists on the album, he hauled south to Nashville to bolster production and hammer out the final mixes. 

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Scorzari told us regarding the inception of the album, “For me, it starts with peering inside myself, deep into this place where I usually find just the initial stirring of a thought or feeling. Then I work to bring it closer into view and to describe it with words and music in a way that stays true to what’s revealing itself to me there.” He went on to say, “Each song has a story to tell, and the music is just as important in the telling as are the lyrics.”

The 13 original tracks on The Crosswinds of Kansas indeed have many stories to tell, including the enlightened “All Behind Me Now,” the life-affirming “1, 2, 3, Jump,” the fast-moving acoustic jam of “A Ghost, My Hat and My Coat,” and the rhythmic, semi-autobiographical, sound-collage, “The Measure of a Man.” 

When it comes to how he hopes his music resonates with listeners, he said, “If it helps whoever might come to hear it find clarity in their own experiences when it’s done, or to point them toward finding their own way through a hard time, then I feel like I’ve written a song worth sharing.”

The Crosswinds of Kansas will be breezing onto streaming platforms August 19th.

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