R&B Roots Songwriter Kirstie Fleur Releases Socially Conscious New Single ‘Reform’

Louisiana native Kirstie Fleur uses her roots to influence her expression through music. Her soulful voice melts the bridge between Americana and R&B creating Fleur’s one of a kind sound.

And on May 20th, Fleur released her timely new single, “Reform.”

Currently residing in Music City, she came to write and compose “Reform” with writers Isaac Gill and Madeline Kiel. Fleur uses her warm harmonies to highlight the melody as the steady rhythm of strings opens the song. While the song is short, it is dynamic and compelling. Fleur utilizes her skills and passion as a musician to challenge the institutions she’s dissatisfied with.

With powerful lyrics like, “You see me broken and you smile,” she lets her listeners into her own experiences with racial turmoil and how religious institutions have failed many citizens across the nation. The combination of acoustics and bass perfectly highlights the fusion of genres she represents, and her booming voice is not to be mistaken.

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The track highlights Fleur’s greater message that she hopes to portray in her work. She represents intersectionality both through music and as a woman.

Fleur uses her voice in other mediums as well. Aside from singing and songwriting, she is also an acknowledged social entrepreneur who focuses on fashion design and advocacy for women through her ethical clothing brand, Freedom Fleur, which provides resources for aspiring female founders. 

Her passion for social justice is interdisciplinary and as a singer-songwriter, Fleur continues to do what she does best. Using her powerhouse vocals and her roots in multitudes of genres allows us to hear her loud and clear.

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