Premiere: Nick Nace Reflects On Nashville As A Ghost Town With New Single ‘There’s No Music In Music City’

With things returning to a somewhat normal state in Nashville, it’s no surprise writers like Nick Nace are still reflecting on the life-altering pandemic; an event that caused live music to become virtually nonexistent.

The Americana songwriter penned his perspective for his newest single, “There’s No Music in Music City,” which officially hit streaming services today, June 1st.

Flying home to Canada was the artist’s plan as the pandemic spread rapidly through the United States. Being required to quarantine before returning home, Nace said he, “Had nothing but free time alone,” which also meant [he] “Had the freedom to work on music every day in a way that [he’d] never had before.” Out of this time alone, his upcoming album, The Harder Stuff, was born along with its lead single, “There’s No Music in Music City.”

Nace uses his rich lyricism to paint a picture of an abandoned downtown Nashville: a once-bustling Broadway now deserted and dark. The vivid images set the song apart from just being another song about the lockdown. There’s a tip jar with nothing but a forgotten penny inside. A pair of cowboy boots that are waiting to line-dance down the main strip again. 

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The single has a high production value and a sound that is somewhat reminiscent of a Chris Stapleton. There’s a perfect blend of modern country, blues, and a touch of rock to appeal to a wide range of ears. The Wurlitzer, played by John Henry Trinko, and the organ, played by Owen Beverly, stood out the most upon first listening to the track. The instrumentation gives the song a nostalgic feel, which allows the listener to reflect on the difficulties and the pain brought about by the pandemic, especially for those that make a living as performing artists. 

Recorded at The Smoakstack about a year after the songs were written, Nick Nace is excited to share his personal songs from The Harder Stuff with the world- and we get our first taste today with “There’s No Music In Music City.”

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