PREMIERE: Unspoken Tradition Touches On Veiling Truths & Emotions On New Single ‘Weeds Don’t Wither’

While a chunk of bluegrass bands might stick to a few tried and true traditional themes that typically meld with the instrumentation, Unspoken Tradition is unafraid to explore less chartered waters.

With deeply emotional undertones and a keen understanding of self, the group is producing original content that delves deep into the human psyche in a time where it’s more crucial than ever. 

Such is the case with their newest single, “Weeds Don’t Wither,” which is set to officially hit streaming services tomorrow, August 18th via Mountain Home Music. The track offers a look into the band’s heavy-hitting emotional depth, coupled with their expert picking.

From the opening verse, this duality of truth and choice becomes apparent as Ty Gilpin (mandolin, vocals) sings, “There’s the kind of feelings you wear on your shirt / Right there on the sleeve are the ones that hurt / You bury somewhere deep down in the dirt / Where the weeds don’t wither.” 

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“Weeds Don’t Wither” celebrates the individual talents of all five artists, bringing them together for one cohesive theme. The writers behind the single, Milan Miller and Beth Husband, are established hitmakers who helped construct the song’s unique groove, exploring the human condition of choosing which thoughts and emotions to hide, and which to reveal to the world. For each individual, there is a well-kept secret place which holds both the good and the bad. 

“Weeds Don’t Wither”

Composed of Gilpin, Audie McGinnis (vocals, guitar), Tim Gardner (fiddle, vocals), Sav Sankaran (bass, vocals), and Zane McGinnis (banjo), the North Carolina quintet has bridged the worlds of traditional bluegrass and newgrass music as evidenced in this latest single.

As for the title, this phrase was translated from its original German origins, with its meaning referring to persistence. Gilpin takes the lead vocals on this track, with backing from McGinnis and Sankaran, featuring a striking call-and-response chorus that really drives home the idea. With solos from Gilpin, Gardner, and both McGinnis’s, the song swells with energetic yet traditional instrumentals.  

Inspired by their roots amidst the ever-changing culture of Western and Central North Carolina, Unspoken Tradition’s music reflects this fickle blend of old and new. Beginning with their debut release in 2013, Simple Little Town, the group has since landed numerous singles in the Bluegrass Today Top 20, including “California” at #1, “Irons in the Fire” at #2, and “Carolina and Tennessee” at #4. 

It’s no secret that Unspoken Tradition is meshing their own traditions with the modern elements of newgrass music, and doing so with open-hearted lyricism. This bold blend of sounds is just a part of what makes this group original and memorable. 

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