Kimmi Bitter Takes Listeners On A Breezy Time-Traveling Island Getaway On New Single ‘Aquamarine’

Reviving the essence of a vintage country sound with a cosmic touch from the West Coast, San Diego-based singer-songwriter Kimmi Bitter takes listeners on a time-traveling island expedition with her new single, “Aquamarine.”

The track effortlessly whisks listeners to simpler times through its evocative and breezy original compositions. The interplay of ukulele and whining steel guitars gives the song a beachy dreamlike essence, making the sound rich and intricate, and Bitter’s warming vocals are anything but.

Bitter’s easy to follow lyrics touch on themes of simply taking a load off, feeling the breeze, and just being present, inviting listeners to embark on their own laid back odyssey as they listen. The aquamarine gemstone, known for its connection to clarity and tranquility, serves as a metaphor for the journey of self-discovery and finding inner peace. 


The track follows other notable singles, “My Grass is Blue” and “I Dream of You,” which serenade listeners in traditional harmonious country fashion, drawing striking parallels to an era when the captivating sounds of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn ruled the country music airwaves, evoking a sense of bygone nostalgia. 

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Bitter’s music continues to garner earned appreciation and acclaim from traditional country music enthusiasts, and “My Grass is Blue” earned a nomination for Song of the Year at the San Diego Music Awards in 2023.

Such as her previous timeless gems, “Aquamarine” is not just a song, but an experience. Bitter continues to demonstrate her ability to blend the nostalgic echoes of old-school country with a subtle contemporary flair that is uniquely her own, as she carries the torch of those that paved the road before her. 

With a full-length debut album on the way in 2024, Bitter invites her listeners to dip their toes into her musical waters and let the tides of her enchanting melodies wash over them.

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