PREMIERE: Singer-Songwriter Chelsea Burns Discusses Tender New Piano Ballad ‘Losing Me’

With her delicate piano-driven music, singer-songwriter Chelsea Burns has been making her mark on Music City.

And today, August 19th, she has released her newest single, “Losing Me.” The indie-pop artist has become known for her lyrical vulnerability, and draws inspiration from artists like John Mayer and Sara Bareilles among others.

Having grown-up writing music in Des Moines Iowa, Burns moved to Nashville in 2016 to pursue her dream of being an artist and songwriter. Since then, she’s tirelessly worked to make a name for herself, accumulating thousands of streams for singles she’s put out. Her January release, “I Miss Being Me,” came equip with an exceptionally choreographed music video that displayed the artistic vision Burns possesses.

“Losing Me” features the songstress’s objective to make honest music, as it explores hurt and healing from a prior relationship. Burns’s rich harmonies and warm, atmospheric sound reflect her restoration focused perspective while engaging the ear.

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We had the opportunity to chat with Burns about her newest release, creative process, and much more.

So we last spoke to you in January when you dropped your single, “I Miss Being Me.” What have you been up to since and how has 2022 treated you so far?

2022 has treated me well so far! I’ve been writing some new songs and finding new ways to work from home as an artist. I’m live streaming on Twitch a few days a week and writing custom songs for a site called Songfinch, so it’s been really fun to try out some new things this year.

You have your new single “Losing Me” that dropped today August 19th. Can you tell us about the inspiration and influence behind the track?

I wrote “Losing Me” in January while I was reflecting on a relationship that felt one-sided. I realized that in trying to hold on to the relationship, I was losing the parts of myself that I really loved. The line, “you’re not scared of losing me, but I am,” came to me while I was driving one day, and I quickly voice memoed it. The song ended up being a quick write after that.

The instrumentation stays true to the title with a melancholic, dream-like feel to it. Can you talk about the songwriting process and how you decided on this specific sound etc.?

I wrote the song on my Nord, so the foundation was vocal and piano. We actually ended up using my original demo keyboard on the track. For all of the songs I’ve recorded so far, the foundation has been piano, then we build the track around that.

I see you teamed up with producer Dan Swank yet again. What’s your chemistry like and how might he influence your vision and direction?

I love working with Dan! I’ve worked with him long enough that I feel he understands who I am as an artist, and knows how to make every song special. This song was no different. He helps inspire new ideas when it comes to production.

You’ve mentioned that you started livestreaming on Twitch. Can you tell us more about that? Do you feel it’s something worthwhile songwriters should consider to boost their presence?

I’ve been streaming on Twitch for three months now, and I’m so surprised by how much my channel has grown already and the amazing fans it’s attracted! It’s a space where people from all over the world can hang out with me for a few hours while I play originals and cover requests and we get to chat and hang out during the stream. I highly recommend it to other artists as a way to connect with fans in a new way and create their own schedule. 

Who is Chelsea Burns the person? What other things do you like to do or perhaps believe in that maybe shape your musical drive?

I’ve always been a creative person, and my life has been full of all sorts of random creative pursuits, which is why it’s been so fun to try different things with music. It’s helped me constantly change and grow as an artist. Outside of music, I really love practicing yoga, getting out in nature, and being inspired by other people’s music/art. 

Other than the music scene, what else makes Nashville such a special place for you?

I’ve met so many awesome people living here. Nashville is full of artists of all types, which is really inspiring. There’s always something/somewhere new to check out, and the small businesses are all really amazing. It’s a great place to live as an artist.

Do you have any upcoming shows fans can keep on their radar?

Right now I’m sticking mostly to virtual shows on Twitch, and I play a few gigs around Nashville as well. People can follow me on Twitch at to join the community!

What are some of your goals as an artist that you hope to achieve within the year?

My main goal as an artist is to continue streaming consistently on Twitch, since it’s been such an amazing place to share music so far. I’ve already discovered new ways of sharing music this year that I couldn’t have guessed, so my goals are pretty fluid right now.

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