Premiere: Nicole Boggs And The Reel Release Timely New Video Single ‘No Good News’

In anticipation of their upcoming album, Dystopian Book Club – set for release August 1st – Nicole Boggs & The Reel are back with their fourth single, “No Good News.”

In the new single, the band questions the absurdities and negativity in daily life as we now know it through their strong vocals and pronounced guitar riffs, and in their accompanying music video, it doesn’t take long to get their point across.

Within the first few seconds, we are shown books by esteemed authors like Angela Davis and Ronald E. Purser, whom are well-known for their social commentary. The single gives a glimpse of the values they aspire to share as a group through the universal language of music. 

Although Nicole Boggs is the lead vocalist, we hear a beautiful blend of voices from band members Alex Kramer and Sam Gyllenhaal, as they provide resonating instrumentation throughout. Together, the three unique members skillfully combine their individual influences to make their own sound, always delivering a coherent message both lyrically and sonically. 

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This is what Nicole Boggs & The Reel is about.

Shot and directed by long time artistic collaborators, Duende Vision, the video features the band as Athenian masked monsters, representing the fear and desperation of living in a money and media obsessed culture. The group’s signature tongue-in-cheek sense of humor combined with the fluorescent glow of a suburban mall (The Opry Mills mall to be precise) will give you something to think about, laugh about, and move your feet to at the same time.

“24/7 television / Poisons your mind / Everyone talks but nobody listens / Recycling lines,” Boggs sings with suspicious conviction to begin the song.

Representing fears and struggles, the masked monsters shown in the music video personify these systematic issues in society, and the band isn’t afraid to use their voices for these truths. 

“We’re all going down on a sinking ship / Cue the violins / Cause there’s just no good news,” she sings as the bridge hopes to remind listeners that we’re all in this together. The group aims to bring attention to what’s happening right now in the world, and most certainly our country, as times are as tense as they’ve ever been.

Boggs’s heartfelt vocals, backed by the band’s contemporary softer rock chords keep the song humming, and we’re left feeling like we’re not alone at the song and video’s end. Nicole Boggs and The Reel represent the salt of the earth and everyday people just trying to get by despite seemingly daily catastrophes, magnified often out of proportion by the media.

With one more single to come before the album release, “No Good News” offers yet another tantalizing taste to the total package of Dystopian Book Club.

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