In Review: UK Composer, Producer, & Songwriter Esbe Releases Cinematic New Album ‘I Might Be Dreaming’

Across the crystalline ocean, renowned composer and songwriter Esbe brings us her take on contemporary music through her newest album, I Might Be Dreaming, with her siren-like voice profoundly meshing with her take on eclectic pop.

After studying in the Royal Academy of Music, Esbe soon grew a deep affinity for contemporary, world, and classical music along with film scoring. She’s since proved her authenticity time and time again by keeping her original color in her work.

Her writing has been partly inspired by her North African and Eastern European heritage, but is also informed by her love of early music, in particular, John Dowland, as well as British folk, jazz and Indian classical music. This eclectic blend makes for a unique and distinctive sound, as heard on her newest album.

Cry From the Soul” is the first track off the album, and immediately hits with intrigue. It’s one that really opens the listener to what to expect from this album. A cinematic quality prevails, reminiscent of classical genres and soundscapes. She follows this with the titular track, “I Might Be Dreaming,” which indeed feels like you might be when listening. It’s easy to get swept away in the hypnotic and transcendent sounds and vocals weaving throughout.

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A Lonely Star” brings on a look of her universal view, as she sings, “A lonely star looks down on me / And I, in turn, lift my head as if to see.” She speaks on losing control of time and deciding your own fate; humans can be compared to celestial bodies in an ethereal way as performed by this cinematic artist.

Restless” closes this album with a virtual plea. She plays with different vocal tones and sounds that sound like a dialogue between people. Playful with dissonance, Esbe brings a sense of the unknown calling to us. 

This album’s overall concept brings upon multiple themes of underwater worlds and heavenly bodies. I Might Be Dreaming lives up to its name, and Esbe’s spectacular sense of sound production and songwriting is on full display. 

She is known for her experimentation with sound and genre, in which her natural soft tone is able to bring about the themes she focuses on. Dreaming is something we all do – whether during the day or night – and Esbe knows how to craft celestial themes and sounds to create something unlike anything else.

I Might Be Dreaming is a breath of fresh air, a transcendent sonic journey, and glows with heartfelt feeling.

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