PREMIERE: Enchanted Folk Instrumentalists Sprig Of That Release Captivating New Single ‘Riversong’

Classical-acoustic-folk group Sprig of That continues to light a fire of excitement for their upcoming album, Bloom, with the release of their third single,“Riversong,” which officially dropped today, November 11.

The trio, consisting of Krissy Bergmark (tabla), Ilan Blanck (guitar), and Isabel Dammann (violin), have spent the past five years delighting audiences with their powerful acoustic performances and original compositions. Drawing inspiration from instrumental works by artists like Béla Fleck and Chris Thile, Sprig of That look to reinvigorate passion for traditional folk instrumentals into the modern world. 

The band has established a unique sound in the “indie classical” music scene that has grown in popularity over recent years, and have set themselves apart by their inclusion of Indian classical instrument, the tabla, as the core of their rhythmic compositions. 

Their forthcoming album, Bloom, set to be released early in 2023, has ignited enthusiasm for the project with their newest tune “Riversong.”

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“Riversong” features an uplifting melody led by Dammann’s delicate violin stylings and is rhythmically driven by Bergmark’s tabla skill, which is showcased during the bridge of the piece. The listener is taken on a musical journey through the tune as the tempo and timbre dynamically change, escalating at points of musical climax with gentler moments that display the group’s individual talent. The track provides insight into the traditional folk sounds and style that can be expected for the full album, Bloom.

The album itself is set to be a ten-song musical experience that serves as a testament to the group’s growth together, which they credit to the help of their producer, Wes Corbett. Combining Corbett’s attentive ear and the group’s innate talent, Sprig of That has created this album with the passionate vision that their unique compositions and fresh instrumental style leave a lasting impression on their listeners. 

Regarding the feelings and energy behind both the single and album, the band told us, “We try to follow our own curiosities, musical and otherwise, in whatever directions they take us – whether that means on stage at a bluegrass festival, freely improvising with our instruments and voices, or backing up singer-songwriters in the studio. We brought that energetic curiosity with us into the studio to record Bloom, and hope that it comes across to listeners, puts a smile on their faces, and in turn inspires them to be curious and creative in their own lives.”

As for the album title – Sprig of That went on to say, “When thinking of name possibilities for this album, we wanted something that tied back to that nature imagery, and also conveyed a sense of growth and possibility that we feel with this album. Bloom is our first full-length album of original compositions, and we feel like it is a true representation of our artistry and growth over the past nearly five years together as a band.”

If all goes according to plan, Sprig of That hopes Bloom will allow them to tour extensively nationally and internationally, play more festivals, teach more workshops at schools around the country, and keep writing more music and performing together. The group will also be releasing a video for the single next Friday.

The unique trio is a breath of fresh air, and “Riversong” is the latest example of their instrumental mastery.

Photo by Maya Bolduan Photography

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