ALBUM REVIEW: Alt-Rockers The Science Of Showcase Grit & Catchy Hooks In Upcoming EP ‘Moments’

Listening to the upcoming album Moments from The Science Of, it feels like a blast-from-the-past to the days when hook-laden alt-rock and pop-punk rock ruled the charts, and angsty lyrics and gritty guitar leads were heard on every popular radio station.

While the the Joplin, Missouri, band is relatively new to the scene, they have created a formidable sound and garnered attention for their high-energy performances and classic alt-rock stylings. Lead singer Ashlee Henady’s powerful vocals command the attention of listeners, as their driving drum lines and catchy guitar hooks keep listeners curious for more. 

The group began writing Moments post-pandemic, and noticed how after their first performance out of quarantine opened the creative floodgates, and out poured this heavy-hitting EP. Henady says about the latest project, “We decided to name the EP ‘Moments’ because we felt that each song captured a specific moment in time for us as a band as we were finding our identity.”

The new record – which is officially out this Friday November 18th – features impressive dynamic displays of Henady’s vocal range, as well as the band’s unified alt-pop-punk sound that elicits feelings of early 2000s nostalgia and head-banging energy. 

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The EP opens with the track, “Drive,” a dramatic tune with a catchy guitar underlay and melancholic melody carried by Henady. The song touches on the need for the escape in troubling moments, and how sometimes the most empowering feeling is just driving away. The chorus features a climactic collision of drum hits with displays of Henady’s vocal range, as her voice soars throughout. 

“Threads” follows, and is an other-worldly sounding song that’s hard-hitting from the first chord strum and doesn’t let up with fast paced verses and colossal choruses. The song covers themes of unwanted change and losing track of time and yourself along with it. Throughout the song, electric guitar licks bounce around the speakers, supported by a punchy bass line and intricate harmonic vocal layering. 

The group’s groove is showcased in the third track, “Control,” that’s introduced by an audacious bass line and and echoing guitar leads. Henady sings in her edgy signature tone about taking the reigns of her life, and letting the things holding her back fade to the darkness. 

Starting with a futzed vocal track, “Pride” comes towards the end of the project with electric energy and a classic pop-punk feel. As the name of the song foretells, the track discusses holding onto a sense of pride against those that may question your integrity. Featuring tempo changes and complex interweaving of a bass and guitar lead, the song is a great display of the band’s ability to take their listeners on a musical journey. 

The group closes the project with “Fools,” a slower, emotive song that preludes with a gentle guitar lead and moving harmonies. While slower in tempo than the rest of the project, the piece does not lack any of the energetic musical style and impassioned lyricism that is the foundation of the project. The track tells an angry story of romantic betrayal and how despite the pain they caused it still doesn’t feel right to seek revenge. 

As a whole, Moments is a fantastic continuation of the musical foundation The Science Of has built with their debut album, Everything, released back in 2021. Now that they have established their electric sound and performance style, they look to tour these new songs in the coming months and into the new year across the Midwest and beyond.

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