Pop-Up Feature: LA Electro Pop Artist Tara Louise AKA ARCANA Releases New Single ‘Back To You’


What: New Single, “Back to You”

Where: Los Angeles

When: October 20th

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Los Angeles native Tara Louise, aka ARCANA, considers her sound to be a blend of moody Pop and R&B. With each new release, one can anticipate a peek into the core of her psyche, often appearing alongside lush harmonies and inappropriate truths.

“Back To You” is her latest single, which offers exactly that. You may recognize Louise’s soaring vocals from her frequent appearances as a topliner on some of the best EDM songs of the last few years. Her ARCANA project marks a shift towards a more personal sound that brims with emotion, while retaining its roots in radio-friendly alternative pop sensibility.

Louise states, “This song seemingly wrote itself for me. I was laying in bed past midnight when the chorus presented itself in full. The next day I sat down with it and created a very basic production outline; really just the bass and a beat idea. I handed it off to my producer RIKI who immediately understood my vision for the track, and put his unique twist on the production.

‘ARCANA’ is quite a different artistic outlet compared to my daily EDM toplining work. I love both worlds of course, but it’s definitely been fun getting to experiment with my more pop side. I guess that’s kind of how I view myself now: EDM topliner by day, melodramatic pop-star by night.”

For more on ARCANA and Louise, visit her website.

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