Pop-Up Premiere: New Orleans Indie Surf Rock Band One South Lark To Release New Single ‘Seaside’

Who: One South Lark

What: New single, “Seaside”

Where: New Orleans

When: October 20th

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“Seaside” is the latest surf rock-meets-college-indie-anthem from New Orleans based group One South Lark. Brimming with summertime sentiment, the song communicates a desire to surf freely on the open ocean while, ironically, being stuck in the suburban sprawl of the city.

Intricate guitar lines weave seamlessly in and out of the driving but decidedly laid back groove of the song. It displays just enough modernity in the vocals and songwriting to separate the band from an homage to the greats, (The Beach Boys for one) while still fondly recalling the best that the genre has to offer.

The band says, “Amidst the terrible year that just seems to keep getting worse, “Seaside” describes an ideal dream, a wish to return to a time when things seemed simpler. A feeling of summertime nostalgia haunts this danceable pop song that calls
back to the unconcerned beach trips of high school friends. If you’re feeling like
ditching this chaotic autumn and instead catching some rays and hangin’ ten,
‘rewind’ to “Seaside” with One South Lark.”

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