Poetic Colorado Songwriter Antonio Lopez Releases Anticipated New Year’s Album ‘Roots & Wings’

Natural-born songwriter Antonio Lopez came of age in the Chicano culture of Alamosa, Colorado. Odes to his upbringing are beautifully demonstrated in his compositions by the use of gentle guitar work, and his soft voice that has no trouble commanding the attention of an audience. Lopez is the youngest of five children born to a grade school teaching mother and a 1960s Chicano Civil Rights Activist father.

Though a tremendous vocal performer and the executive director of the nonprofit, Sound Bridge Music, which works to enrich and empower the lives of local artists by connecting them with musical opportunities within the Front Range communities, Lopez considers himself a songwriter first. His lyrics are profoundly inquisitive, and his knack for storytelling is conceivably unmatched by any of his peers. Believing his songs to be heavily influenced by his ancestors, Lopez has a spiritual take on the power of song. 

“Songs are like seeds scattered into the wind. When you release them, you hope they take root in the listeners’ mind and hearts,” Lopez poetically explains. 

The new album, Roots and Wings, is the fourth from Lopez, and was sparked in 2018 while on a plane ride back home after his honeymoon, grappling with his new identity as a father and husband to his new wife, Georgia.

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Lopez took his concept to producer, Mark Venezia, who breathed a wispy, uplifting spirit into each song; “Flying Like a Bird” being a notable testament to their partnership. It seems to play like the hopeful ending credits of a film over the listener who perhaps has chosen to continue forward after their own emotionally gripping tale.

The world is fortunate to have the musical offerings of Roots and Wings and privileged to be entranced by the rarity of Lopez’ writings — from “Elemental Love” and its instrumental melody that works as a hook just as well as the chorus, to the subtle sixties inspired accompaniment of  “Too Much Too Soon.” This album is a magical work, arriving at the perfect time in musical history to mark new beginnings. 

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