A Look At Belgian Alternative Surf Rock Band Crooked Steps & Their Energetic New Single ‘Catherine’

A quick Google search tells me that Belgium doesn’t have very many good surfing spots. I guess that makes sense given that six percent of the country is below sea level.

That still hasn’t stopped this band from keeping up with the SoCal surf rock scene.

Despite the current state of bleakness during these frigid winter months, Belgian alt rock band Crooked Steps has released the perfect summer anthem. The trio just released their single “Catherine”, a sunscreen-scented surf-rock track reminiscent of The Beach Boys, or perhaps more recent acts, like Best Coast or Beach Fossils. After all, the surf rock renaissance has come in full force within recent years, and Crooked Steps has proven that they’re worthwhile contenders ready to join the ranks. 

“Catherine” is an optimistic summer-y single highlighted with a sixties-esque bass line. Its garage rock-inspired riffs give the track the authenticity and rawness of a true surf rock band straight out of the sixties — the kind with Beatles mop tops and coordinating pastel tuxedos. It makes for easy-listening; a perfect song for driving to the beach on a hot summer day. 

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Crooked Steps has released a handful of singles throughout 2020, including “Sugar” and “Daiquiri”, both of which have been dubbed as “Red Bull-infused rock and roll.” This can best be characterized as heavy guitar riffs, tight rhythmic grooves, and an adrenaline rush of melodies each jam-packed in under three minutes. The group aims to release more music in 2021, and anticipate to perform at a number of different European music festivals this coming summer. (fingers crossed)

As the winter months drag on, Crooked Steps’ releases have shown that there’s still a lot to look forward to — and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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