Our Violet Room Laments Heartbreak On New Upbeat Indie Rock Single ‘Falling’

Our Violet Room’s latest single, “Falling,” is the perfect juxtaposition; an upbeat breakup song with lyrics that slice at the heartstrings. 

Denver’s Matthew Birch goes under the alias Our Violet Room to produce emotional and heartfelt songs to move his listeners. The indie singer-songwriter began playing music to the public in 2018, but his obsession with songwriting began much earlier than that.

On “Falling,” it may seem like his most upbeat work yet, but don’t let the production fool you. The song tells the story of heartbreak after losing a lover, masked by the upbeat shuffled drums and guitar. A layered vocal effect in the chorus makes you feel almost as if you’re inside of Birch’s head, listening to the inner monologue of someone who has just lost someone they loved.

Just when you think the song has come to a close, a warm brass section enters, giving an unexpected and hauntingly happy feeling to the melancholy lyrics. It is reminiscent of Bon Iver’s work on For Emma, Forever Ago, but tells the unique story of Birch’s relationship arc.

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Birch took interest in film scores and composers and was inspired by the cinematic music world to create his own work. He stepped into the spotlight in Denver playing at SoFar Sound shows, later going on to perform globally. He possesses a humble story of overcoming depression, working hard, and diving headfirst into his dream. He claims to have one goal- to make thoughtful, well-made, emotional art that inspires his listeners, and causes them to feel something- anything.

Birch has released two EPs thus far – Our Violet Room and the live EP Loss and Death in Winter – alongside a handful of singles.

“Falling” will be featured on Our Violet Room’s upcoming debut album, Not Where I Thought I’d Be– a 7-track tale of love from the first spark to the final goodbye.

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