Americana Songstress Cara Louise Tries To Quit Her Own Bullshit On New Single ‘Must Be Nice’

“I’m not making money or anyone proud / Tried to quit my own bullshit but I don’t know how / It must be nice / To never feel that way.”

Wasting no time, songwriter Cara Louise kicks off her piano-led new single, “Must Be Nice,” with these exceptionally endearing and honest lyrics. And before long, she’s belting it out to the heavens.

Throughout the year, Louise has dropped enticing singles and videos, giving her fans a preview of what’s to come on her upcoming album, Wholesome Dread. “Must Be Nice,” arrived on August 12th, and it boasts soulful melodies paired with deeply truthful yet relatable lyricism creating a beautiful alt-country track, chock full of soaring vocals. 

The song starts with short and light piano chords before building into an epic, orchestral groove. Her tone and energy pick up as the song progresses, and she puts her emotive vocal chops and extensive range on full-display. 

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Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, and currently posted up in Nashville, Louise draws inspiration from 1960’s pop, early 2000’s indie rock, and Americana music as a whole- a blend that shines through in this release. 

It’s no secret that the pandemic was a massive blow particularly to artists, as it presented an indefinite and foreign barrier in making a life for themselves, leaving some clawing for inspiration. However, Louise found light in the darkness. Focused on honing her craft as a songwriter, she leveraged her time writing, producing, and recording Wholesome Dread, which is set to release September 30th. 

Wholesome Dread is a step in a different direction for Louise, setting her apart from past works with the Cara Louise Band and her 2019 solo EP. After experiencing phases of growth before and throughout the pandemic, she hopes Wholesome Dread redefines her style as a songwriter, and launches her creative potential to new heights.

Note* Paul Howard contributed to this article.

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