One Man Band: Matthew Estevez Of The F-use Shreds On Latest Heavy Rocker ‘It’s Not Over’

You wouldn’t know it through listening alone, but Nashville’s The F-use is comprised of a bassist, guitarist, percussionist, and vocalist who can be summed up to one man- Matthew Estevez.

Remarkably, Estevez indeed does it all. The chaotic spawn from the mind of him alone is captured in his music video for his 2021 single “Chaser,” where he bounces from shredding guitar in a maid’s outfit, banging drums with bunny ears, and smashing an entire cake onto his face. Along with his high energy playing, his sense of humor and fun shines through as well.

Reddit, the website home to everything from degenerate stock options trading to cooking advice, was where Estevez found a limelight. As a frequent participant, he posted his song “Chaser”, soon to find his phone on fire as he was awarded accolades like “Best Alternative Rock Song” and “Best Male Vocalist” in the community. 

Estevez talks fondly of what Reddit has done for himself and others saying, “The community is built around prioritizing genuine feedback and support to those who post, and it brings together musicians, producers, and songwriters from every corner of the world and level of expertise.”

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His May 13th release, “It’s Not Over,” hails down like a fiery meteorite. It’s explosive off the bat with aggressive, angsty electric guitar and crashing drum symbols. He sings, “If you think you’re not good enough / don’t worry I’ll be down the road,” as an exercise against pinning self-doubts. The lyrics are resolved in the song’s hook, which is a shouting “It’s not over!” that could likely be heard around the block from his home.

Estevez has channeled the inner discontent and raw grit we’ve seen in bands like Nirvana and other grunge disciples, and he expresses the human condition in a way that is authentically and entirely himself. “It’s Not Over” is the latest chapter of this unique one-man rock and roll experience that is The F-use.

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