LA Soul Pop Songstress Ali Angel Releases Heartfelt New Single ‘Loving You Lately’

Based in The City of Angels, young Motown-inspired artist Ali Angel brings a strong, confident, and delightfully raspy voice to the scene.

And on May 13th, she released her soulful new single, “Loving You Lately.”

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Angel realized her passion for music in elementary school, consistently taking up roles within theatre performances. Originally debating a career in TV/Film writing, it took a summer internship in Nashville to push her into taking up the role of lead singer in her college band. After experiencing the thrill of performing on local stages, Angel knew that music was her beckoning call. 

Releasing her debut single in 2021, Angel officially got her dream underway, and the future looks bright.

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Her music harnesses aspects of snappy jazz, soulful rock, pop, and often displays her impressive vibrato, giving her a unique musical watermark. Different from her previous upbeat, freeing, dance-around-your-room tracks, Angel’s newest song makes you want to sway in the warmth of a loved one’s arms on the dance floor.

“Loving You Lately”, opens with a calm acoustic guitar that leads into an inevitable and emotional love song. About halfway through, the track is decorated with trumpet, trombone, and saxophone, and closes with a sentimental violin outro. The listener is left with a sense of calm, nostalgia, and self-reflection.

With the release of her three singles so far in 2022, Ali Angel is planning on releasing her self-titled EP later this year. As seen so far, the album will show the many sides of Angel’s musical style, capturing the vulnerability and excitement that accompanies her unique sound.

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