NYC Indie Folk Duo Hawthorne Releases New Single ‘Half-Assed Love’

In case you’ve recently endured heartbreak, Americana-folk duo Hawthorne has your back.

The pair has released their newest single, “Half Assed Love,” which is featured on their new self-titled album, and it’s an ideal track to help ease the pain.

Calling out all the should-be’s and what-if’s in love, Nat Osborn and Aimee Bayles have been harmonizing and making folk tunes for a decade. Based in NYC, the two formed the indie-folk band focusing on intertwining striking instrumentation with contemporary folk melodies, which ultimately originated the beginning of Hawthorne. 

Along with Bayles and Osborn on vocals and guitar, the band consists of Karna Ray (cello), and Stu Mahan (bass). Described as an underground favorite of the folk scene, the group has made their presence known at several venues in the New York area as well as house shows, which they are most known for. 

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Having released their debut album in 2016 locally on CD, the passion-project sold out quickly at their concerts and events, and it was then that they decided to take it to the next level. That next level came this past month with their global release, “Are We,” produced by Kiyoshi Matsuyama and Danielle Warman. 

The newest single, “Half Assed Love,” begins completely acapella showcasing the raw, emotional vocals of Osborn and Bayles. The song then kicks in with a country-folk shuffle equip with fiddle and twangy electric guitar, perfect for a bar on Broadway. The lyrics in this track specifically highlight the feelings of Osborn as he questions the relationship. With lyrics such as, “Where is the fire that burns so bright with a whiskey kiss and a dark street light / Where is the softness in your touch / Where is the laugh that I miss so much,” he brings listeners into his world of wondering where his partner is in their relationship. Slowly adding in Bayles’ ornate harmonies, she adds to the song inimitably with her extensive range and vocal style. 

Drawing inspiration from iconic folk singers like Paul Simon, Patty Griffin, and Alison Krauss to name a few, the duo also represents more contemporary sounds within their indie folk sound.

Hawthorne plans to tour more with their newest singles and album with shows in New York, Massachusetts, private house concerts, and more. 

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