Brooklyn Singer-Songwriter Sanford: Releases Soulfully Psychedelic Rendition Of Misfits’ Classic ‘Some Kinda Hate’

Just in time for Halloween season, Brooklyn-based indie artist Sanford: released his unique cover and haunting music video of the classic Misfits’ tune, “Some Kinda Hate,” on October 26th.

If you’re not familiar, horror-punk legends The Misfits, originally led by intense Elvis-meets-Jim Morrison vocalist Glenn Danzig, are known for their fast-paced power-chord punk anthems, and their song, “Some Kinda Hate,” remains a fan favorite from their extensive and spooky discography. 

And while the band gets covered quite regularly, especially around Halloween, Sanford: doesn’t simply copy and paste the vibe of the original track.

Instead, he completely re-imagines and breathes new life into it, morphing the song from a high-octane rock thrasher, into a vintage-style soul ballad. Sanford’s version is a relaxed, thoughtful, and intimate semi-psychedelic soul rock experience. 

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His powerful and soulful vocal melodies juxtaposed with the song’s horror movie-esque lyrics, such as, “The maggots in the eye of love won’t copulate,” make this cover both moving and memorable, giving the song an entirely new level of creative and emotional maturity. Meanwhile, the strumming of acoustic guitar and complimentary slide guitars further elevate the track, injecting it with hints of sublime psychedelia. 

The video for the song is a perfect pairing, capturing the intimate and soulful vibe of the cover- this along with a mysterious array of hands having their way with the face of an unphased Sanford.

His steady and solemn gaze seems to pierce through the camera straight into the viewer’s soul, all the while various lighting and background changes happen around him. Throughout the video, various hands can be seen caressing, (“Last Caress” anyone?) feeding, administering a cigarette, applying makeup, and even slapping him. It’s definitely a unique premise that keeps you watching and waiting to see what happens next.

Sanford: is the creative moniker for Jay Sanford and his band. The South Carolina native now calls Brooklyn, New York, home, where he regularly records and plays shows, including every Friday at The Waylon. Sanford: takes inspiration and combines elements from a wide range of artists, such as Hank Williams, Phoebe Bridgers, Sam Cooke, Joy Division, Fats Waller, The Rolling Stones, and Frank Zappa to name a few. 

Sanford’s version of “Some Kinda Hate” is a delightfully refreshing take on a highly covered band, and it goes to show the thoughtfulness and creativity behind his musical prowess. Maybe next Halloween he’ll bust out a version of “Skulls.”

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