Norwegian Punk-Pop Rock Songwriter Ida Maria Releases Heavy Anthemic New Single In ‘Dirty Money’

Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen, known as Ida Maria, is a renowned and badass pop rock Norwegian musician and songwriter.

Born with synesthesia, a condition that allows listeners to see sounds as colours, Maria adapted her unique experience to create music. “When I started to play guitar, I made this colour sheet for all the chords. I didn’t know what they were called, but I knew exactly what colours and shades they were,” she said in a 2008 interview by The List. “So I made songs with colour palettes, which was really cool”.

Maria holds up a mirror to her perception of the music industry in her romanticized, new punk rock-style single, “Dirty Money.” With vocals like Amy Winehouse and P!nk, Maria punches through the silence, creating a nostalgic party narrative that screams for someone to listen.

The single is a part of her newest EP to further develop and evolve her brand into new heights. Maria writes in her artist bio about the project, “Taken all together, the EP showcases a remarkable growth in [my] songwriting skills over the past few years”. She is set to release two more songs before the album officially drops. 

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She began writing songs early on, and kickstarted her career in 2007 by winning two national competitions. Maria then released her first single, “Oh My God”, in 2007, gaining quick acclaim within the music community. Come 2008, Fortress ‘Round My Heart was released, reaching #39 on the UK Albums Chart and #5 in Norway.

High energy and thrillingly enthusiastic, “Dirty Money” begins with Maria chanting her chorus and hook, “Pay me, all your dirty money/I’m your favorite monkey, watch me go.” It slams into loud, demanding guitar and drums, leaving the listener with a palpable sense of grit. The verses begin with escalating minors in an almost punk-jazz theme, describing the lure of theatrics and attraction. 

Maria continues to describe the need to hide away from pain and to dress it up theatrically, all with the potential of ending up in the “bottom of the ocean”. The guitars are colorful, creative and sassy, and the anthem-like feel is real. Chanting the chorus with ferocity towards the end, she finishes the song letting it all out, hammering on about a romanticized, drugged-out music scene built on partying and sex. 

In “Dirty Money”, Ida Maria channels her inner badass to create a fun new take on the landscape of the music and party scene, and in doing so creates a song for the ages.

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