A Look At Ontario Folk Duo Kyra And Tully & Their Delightfully Fresh Fall Album ‘Time’

For over a decade, Canadian folk-pop duo Kyra & Tully have chronicled their relationships with each other, nature, parenting, and themselves in their songs.

Based in Kingston, Ontario, the pair take inspiration from all facets of their lives. Introspective and raw, the two songwriters do not hold back in their material, sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings. With five studio albums under their belt, Kyra & Tully have a well-rounded and mature repertoire, worthy of exploring. 

The duo’s critically acclaimed fifth album, TIME was released in November. In a culmination of songs written over two decades, the songwriters use lyrics to observe the world around them while also considering their own place in it. Spanning the entirety of their relationship, the album features songs from before they met, up to their more recent songs – hence, the name TIME. The album harnesses a lush, full sound throughout that both soothes the soul, and makes you want to spin in a giant field of flowers. 

Between time spent abroad in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France, and in Ontario, Kyra & Tully spent much of 2019 on this project. In Europe, the duo played shows honing in on the live-side of the material; at home, they worked with producer Chris Coleman, and brought musician friends on the album wherever possible.

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“Flowers Wild” is the lead single off the album, and was written and primarily performed by Kyra. Inspired by the time she spent taking care of a friend’s animals and property, she sings an ode to the beauty of new life and opportunity that comes from spring. The relationship between humans, vegetation, and animals was where Kyra originally found the admiration, and the song grew from there. Along with “Flowers Wild,” comes a music video, directed by Leigh Anne Bellamy, another Kingston native. Nature is a central theme in the video, beautifully illustrating Kyra’s lyrics. 

From Tully comes the second single off the album, “Canada.” Built off of an old song idea, the reconstructed lyrics tell the narrative of five friends on a West-bound road trip during the Hemlock Soup tour of the mid-1990’s. The moody ballad serves as a perfect folksy homage to Tully’s youth in Canada.

Due to COVID restrictions being stricter in Canada, Kyra and Tully do not have live shows set in stone just yet. Hopefully, as things begin to open back up the duo will get back to performing – for the time being, TIME will have to hold us all over.

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