California Indie Rock N’ Rollers Wavy Trees Release Fun Music Video For New Single ‘Nobody Cares’

“If Wayne’s World and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure collided in an alternate reality house party, Los Angeles-based Wavy Trees would be the band playing in the backyard.”

This is one of the first lines we came across when investigating this fun new indie rock n’ roll band, and frankly it tells you everything you need to know. But for the sake of what we do, we’ll elaborate.

The band, consisting of Zach “Moondog” Smith (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Jason Espirito (guitar), Brian Duke (bass), and Jack Gallner (drums), are exactly the kind of feel-good fancy-free energy we could all use as we try to put the recent past behind us.

After their invigorating debut single “I Wanna Go Out,” Wavy Trees quenches their fans’ thirst for more with the June 4th follow-up, “Nobody Cares,” released alongside its amusing music video. The band continues the same energy and power-chord prowess in “Nobody Cares” that they displayed in their debut track, and this new song’s message of trying to get noticed marks a powerful lyrical trend in Wavy Trees’ work.

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The track shoots off with Smith’s melodic vocal line that rings out as a call for attention just before he dives into the first verse of the song. This focuses the listener on the punchy opening lyric, “Stupid things that nobody wants to say,” an indication that Wavy Trees aims to shed light on issues that are often overlooked.

The repeated chorus lyric ,“Everybody knows but nobody really cares,” hooks the listener in, and it only becomes further ingrained as a central theme of feeling unnoticed, not only in the lyrics of the song, but also in the scenes acted out in the music video.

The music video immediately evokes grins as it delivers a sense of familiar care-free, uninhibited rock n’ roll. The band acts as background support to the flamboyant actor dressed as a cheerleader while he flaunts in front of his seemingly perturbed parents at the dinner table and in alleys and streets. The professionally shot video showcases unique camera angles that enhance the intensity of this high-energy track, and ultimately reflect the instability of the family dynamic on screen with a “who gives a shit” attitude.

As the song progresses, it increases dynamically, and Espirito dives into an aggressive yet melodic guitar solo, taking the already driving song to an electric climax. The music video brings attention to the moment by showing Espirito shredding on an empty street with turquoise powder flowing from the guitar as if it’s a gender reveal. (to which the “gender” is unquestionably rock n’ roll)

The energy Wavy Trees brings to both “I Wanna Go Out” and “Nobody Cares” demonstrates that this hungry upbeat band is using their music as a positive channel for their varying emotions from this past year. The band is forging their own lane in the indie rock genre, and the new music they plan to release this year will undoubtedly create a greater name for themselves.

Be on the lookout for more hard-hitting songs from this talented young group.

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